Cassette 1
# Title Artist Rating Length
A1 Sin With Cha
Torturing Nurse 16:11
A2 Psychedelic Harmonica
RedSK 3:49
A3 NativeBorthor
RedSK 7:02
A4 Jazz Fingers (Shit My Piss)
RedSK 2:58
B1 Shin With Dagesh 2010
RedSK 6:14
B2 Tied to a Chair Naked and Barely Breathing
RedSK 0:34
B3 Shin With Cha (RedSK Language Rape version)
Torturing Nurse 3:06
B4 Tied Up and Spanked by People in Animal Suits
Jason "EVIL" Covelli 10:05
B5 Bound, Gagged and Truly Fucking Insane
Jason "EVIL" Covelli 9:11