12" Vinyl 1
# Title Rating Length
A1 Silent Running (On Dangerous Ground) 4 6:08
A2 All I Need Is a Miracle 3 4:08
A3 Par Avion 3:30
A4 Hanging by a Thread 4:40
B1 I Get the Feeling 4:27
B2 Take the Reins 4:22
B3 You Are the One 3:34
B4 A Call to Arms 4:37
B5 Taken In 4:16


12" Vinyl 1

Tony Banks (Genesis) (track B4)
Phil Collins (of Genesis) (track B4)
Christopher Neil (tracks A2–B5)
B. A. Robertson (tracks A1, A4, B2, B4)
Mike Rutherford (tracks A1–B5)
63 Songs Limited (track B4)
Concord Music GmbH (track B4)
Concord Sounds (track B4)
EMI Music Publishing Germany GmbH (2008-today) (track B4)
Imagem Music GmbH (subsidiary of Dutch music publishers Imagem) (track B4)
Philip Collins Ltd. (track B4)
recording of:
A Call to Arms (track B4)
Hanging by a Thread (track A4)
I Get the Feeling (track B1)
Par Avion (track A3)
Take the Reins (track B2)
Taken In (track B5)
You Are the One (track B3)