Mixed by DJ Shadow (tracks: 2-13), Jim Abbiss (tracks: 2, 4-13)

"Fixed Income" contains a sample of "Voyage to Cleveland" by St. Steven and "Love Eyes" by Phluph.
"Un Autre Introduction" contains a sample of "Jingle Overture Discotheque" by Francois Bernard.
"Walkie Talkie" contains a sample of "Gangster Rap" by Hollywood; Scratches by DJ Shadow.
"Six Days" contains a sample of "Six Day War" by Colonel Bagshot and "I Cry in the Morning" by Dennis Olivieri.
"Mongrel Meets His Maker" contains a sample of "Strange About Your Hands" by Sensations Fix.
"Right Thing" contains a sample of "Tell Me Why the Tape Wobbles" by Barry O'Brian
"GDMFSOB" contains a sample of "Work the Box" by The Children
"Monosylabik" contains a sample of "Plenty Action" by Soft Touch.
"Mashin' on the Motorway" scratched by DJ Shadow.
"Blood on the Motorway" contains a sample of "It's Easy" by Marc Z.

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CD 1
# Title Rating Length
1 (Letter From Home)
2 1:09
2 Fixed Income
3.5 4:49
3 Un Autre Introduction
2.35 0:45
4 Walkie Talkie
3.65 2:27
5 Giving Up the Ghost
4 6:31
6 Six Days
4 5:02
7 Mongrel...
3.5 2:20
8 ...Meets His Maker
3 3:03
9 Right Thing/GDMFSOB (clean instrumental version)
3.5 4:21
10 Monosylabik
2.5 6:47
11 Mashin' on the Motorway
2.5 2:58
12 Blood on the Motorway
3 9:12
13 You Can't Go Home Again
3 7:04
14 (Letter From Home)
1.5 0:58


CD 1

Josh Davis (US hip hop producer, DJ & instrumentalist) (tracks 4, 11)
additional vocals:
Alex (hip-hop artist, appears on The Private Press) (track 11)
Brian (hip-hop vocalist) (track 11)
Martel (Dutch electro vocalist) (track 11)
Veronica (disco house/soul vocalist Veronica Vazquez) (track 11)
Steve Cataldo (track 2)
Franco Falsini (tracks 7–8)
Josh Davis (US hip hop producer, DJ & instrumentalist) (tracks 2, 4–5, 7–9, 9–10, 13)
lead vocals:
Josh Davis (US hip hop producer, DJ & instrumentalist) (tracks 2–13)
Jim Abbiss (tracks 2, 4–13)
François Bernard (track 3)
Brian Farrell (track 6)
Lateef Daumont (track 11)
Dennis Olivieri (track 6)
Josh Davis (US hip hop producer, DJ & instrumentalist) (tracks 3, 11–12)
Marc Zimmermann (track 12)
Belsize Music Ltd. (track 6)
Mo Wax Music Ltd (tracks 2, 4–5, 7–9, 9–13)
Universal Music Publishing AB (Sweden) (track 12)
has remixes:
Six Days (remix) by DJ Shadow feat. Mos Def (track 6)
Plenty Action by Soft Touch (track 10)
Thoughts by Iliad (track 8)
medley including a instrumental recording of:
G.D.M.F.S.O.B. (track 9)
medley including a recording of:
Right Thing (track 9)
partial recording of:
Mongrel Meets His Maker (tracks 7–8)
recording of:
Fixed Income (track 2)
Giving Up the Ghost (original version) (track 5)
Monosylabik (track 10)
Six Days (track 6)
Walkie Talkie (track 4)


mastering:Tim Young (mastering engineer)
producer:DJ Shadow (US hip hop producer, DJ & instrumentalist)
ASIN:US: B000067AT9 [info]
Discogs: [info]

Release Group

part of:Shortlist Music Prize Nominees (number: 2002)
Discogs: [info]
Wikidata:Q926523 [info]