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CD 1
# Title Artist Rating Length
1 Concerto for Harpsichord in F minor, BWV 1056: II. Largo - Arioso
Johann Sebastian Bach 3:02
2 Ancient Airs and Dances, Suite No. 3: Siciliana
Ottorino Respighi 3:28
3 Minuet in G major, BWV Anhung 116
Johann Sebastian Bach 4:01
4 Variations on Greensleeves
Angel Romero 3:57
5 Concerto for Piano No. 21 in C major, K. 467 "Elvira Madigan": II. Andante
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart 7:08
6 Adagio for Organ and Strings in G minor
Tomaso Giovanni Albinoni 7:29
7 Concerto for Violin in F minor, Op. 8 No. 4/RV 297 "L'inverno": II. Largo
Antonio Vivaldi 2:18
8 Theme and Variations on a Japanese Folksong "Sakura"
Yuquijiro Yocoh 9:35
9 Suite bergamasque: III. Clair de Lune
Claude Debussy 5:38
10 Gymnopedies (3) for Piano: No. 1, Lent et douloureux
Erik Satie 3:01
11 The Deer Hunter: Cavatina
Stanley Myers 3:17


CD 1

classical guitar:
Lito Romero (tracks 5–7)
Ángel Romero (guitarist/conductor) (tracks 1–11)
assistant engineer:
Bruce Leek (tracks 1–11)
Joseph Magee (tracks 1–11)
Antonio Vivaldi (1723) (track 7)
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (classical composer) (1785 – 1785-03-09) (track 5)
Claude Debussy (1890 – 1905) (track 9)
Rosalind Ilett (Telarc editor) (tracks 1–11)
Thomas Knab (editor) (tracks 1–11)
Elaine Martone (engineer) (tracks 1–11)
Robert Woods (classical producer) (tracks 1–11)
Robert Woods (classical producer) (tracks 1–11)
recorded at:
Mission San Luis Rey de Francia in Oceanside, California, United States (1987-08-03 – 1987-08-06) (tracks 1–11)
Clair de lune (for cello and piano) (track 9)
Concerto for Piano no. 21 in C major, K. 467: II. Andante (for piano and string quintet, Lachner) (track 5)
Suite bergamasque : III. Clair de lune (for cello and orchestra, arr. Palmer) (track 9)
Suite bergamasque : III. Clair de lune (catch-all for arrangements) (track 9)
Suite bergamasque : III. Clair de lune (arr. Phyllis Schlomovitz for harp) (track 9)
is the basis for:
Sex'n fax (track 5)
Clair de lune (orch. Mouton) (track 9)
Clair de lune from Suite bergamasque (orch. Stokowski) (track 9)
Clair de lune from Suite bergamasque (orch. Caplet) (track 9)
Suite bergamasque : III. Clair de lune (orch. A. Reed) (track 9)
part of:
Suite bergamasque, L. 75, CD 82a (for piano) (track 9)
recording of:


art direction: Ray Kirschensteiner (Telarc designer)
design/illustration: Ramba Design
liner notes: Ángel Romero (guitarist/conductor)
photography: Tom Zimberoff (photographer)
ASIN: US: B000003CU1 [info]
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