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1 Chapter 15: “The Restaurant at the End of the Universe is one of the most extraordinary ventures in the entire history of catering.”
2 Chapter 15 (continued): “(you can have on-book haventa forewhen presooning returningwenta retrohome.)” / Chapter 16: “At the bar, Zaphod was rapidly becoming as tired as a newt.”
3 Chapter 16 (continued): “A wild-skinned sky-gypsy approached them and played electric violin at them…”
4 Chapter 16 (continued): “Arthur glanced around, half expecting to see someone making an American Express commercial.”
5 Chapter 16 (continued): “Hotblack Desiato offered no opinion as to whether they were great days or not.”
6 Chapter 16 (continued): “The suit into which the man’s body had been stuffed looked as if it’s only purpose in life was to…” / Chapter 17: “The Hitch Hiker’s Guide to the Galaxy notes that Disaster Area, a plutonium rock band…”
7 Chapter 17 (continued): “Their songs are on the whole very simple and mostly follow the familiar theme of boy-being meets girl-being beneath a silvery moon, …”
8 Chapter 17 (continued): “In the Restaurant the lights dimmed, …”
9 Chapter 17 (continued): “For a few interminable seconds the Restaurant span silently through the raging void.”
10 Chapter 17 (continued): “‘May I urge you to consider my liver?’ asked the animal, …”
11 Chapter 17 (continued): “He paused again. Tonight his timing was immaculate.”
12 Chapter 17 (continued): “A party of smartly dressed young dogs stopped throwing rolls at each other and started throwing rolls at the stage.”
13 Chapter 17 (continued): “‘Hey would you let go of my fork?’ snapped Zaphod.”
14 Chapter 17 (continued): “There were now so many people after him he’d lost count.”
15 Chapter 17 (continued): “They all agreed this was very neat.”
16 Chapter 17 (continued): “Few of the other diners paid them any attention as they weaved their way through the Restaurant to the exit.” / Chapter 18: “The main reception foyer was almost empty but Ford nevertheless weaved his way through it.”
17 Chapter 18 (continued): “At short intervals along the moving catwalk, wide transparent tubes led down to floor level.”
18 Chapter 18 (continued): “Ford and Zaphod looked and passed on.”
19 Chapter 18 (continued): “‘Hey come and feel the surface,’ he said in a hushed voice.”
20 Chapter 18 (continued): “Had Hotblack Desiato been alive, he probably would have deemed this a good moment to lean back, or even go for a short walk.”
21 Chapter 18 (continued): “In his eyes were stars and on his brow a golden crown.” / Chapter 19: “One of the major selling point of that wholly remarkable travel book, the Hitch Hiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, …”
22 Chapter 19 (continued): “It is known that there are an infinite number of worlds, simply because there is an infinite amount of space for them to be in.”
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