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1 Chapter 9 (continued): "Oddly, the man's face was now only a couple of feet away."
2 Chapter 9 (continued): "Arthur looked at him doubtfully. 'Can I get that at the spaceport, too?' he said." / Chapter 10: "Ford hurled himself at the door of the editor-in-chief's office, ..."
3 Chapter 10 (continued): "He had a nagging suspicion that this was not a business meeting, though." / Chapter 11: "The first thing Arthur Dent had to do, he realised resignedly, was to get himself a life."
4 Chapter 11 (continued): "Arthur looked nervously through some grubby and damp pieces of paper."
5 Chapter 11 (continued): "Arthur moved to Bartledan and, using some money he had made by selling some toenail clippings and spit to a DNA bank, ..."
6 Chapter 11 (continued): "He preferred not to think about it."
7 Chapter 11 (continued): "Arthur Dent, because of the sheer boredom of endless interstellar flight, was the only one on board who had actually familiarised himself with the ship's safety procedures..." / Chapter 12: "Ford tumbled through the open air..."
8 Chapter 12 (continued): "Sixteenth floor. Sub-editors. Bastards."
9 Chapter 12 (continued): "The towel was slung over Colin."
10 Chapter 12 (continued): "The armoured slug had hoisted the rocket launcher up on to its shoulder."
11 Chapter 12 (continued): "Yes, given the infinite sideways extension of probability there was, of course, an almost infinite multiplicity of planets Earth, ..."
12 Chapter 12 (continued): "He pulled his newly acquired credit card from his pocket, ..."
13 Chapter 12 (continued): "Major heat waves started to coincide, with almost magical precision, with major failures of the Breathe-o-Smart systems."
14 Chapter 12 (continued): "The room, like every other room in this building now, was done out in some appallingly tasteful grey." / Chapter 13: "The ship dropped quietly to land on the edge of the wide clearing, ..."
15 Chapter 13 (continued): "It hummed for a bit and then stopped."
16 Chapter 13 (continued): "Almost immediately a different ramp folded itself out on the other side of the craft..."
17 Chapter 13 (continued): "There was also the geometry of the slice to be refined."
18 Chapter 13 (continued): "And so the Sandwich Maker sang as he worked."
19 Chapter 13 (continued): "They asked him why not and he said that it was not for them to know the will of Almighty Bob, ..."
20 Chapter 13 (continued): "'What's the meat in it?' asked Trillian."
21 Chapter 13 (continued): "'We have access to virtually every kind of information. I found your name on the passenger list of the ship that crashed.'" / Chapter 14: "As the Guide folded itself back into a smooth, dark disk, ..."
22 Chapter 14 (continued): "Did he dare just post the thing to himself?" / Chapter 15: "The first month, getting to know each other, was a little difficult."
23 Chapter 15 (continued): "Random, on the other hand, thought she was trapped in a recurring nightmare."
24 Chapter 15 (continued): "He supposed that there was no point in pretending not to be hopeless."
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spoken vocals:
Douglas Adams (English author) (tracks 1–24)


spoken vocals: Douglas Adams (English author)
writer: Douglas Adams (English author)
ASIN: UK: 0754075710 [info]

Release Group

part of: HHGTTG - read by Douglas Adams (number: 42)