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# Title Rating Length
1 Chapter 32: "The deep roar of the ocean. The break of waves on further shores than thought can find." / Chapter 33: "That night they stayed Outside the Asylum and watched TV from inside it."
2 Chapter 34: "On the way home there was a woman sitting next to them on the plane who was looking at them rather oddly." / Chapter 35: "They went to Arthur's house in the West Country, ..."
3 Chapter 35 (continued): "He staggered into Arthur's sitting room, waving aside all offers of support, ..."
4 Chapter 35 (continued): ""And this guy," ranted Ford, "was on a drive to sell more of them! ..."
5 Chapter 36: "The flying saucer in which Ford Prefect had stowed away had stunned the world."
6 Chapter 36 (continued): "'With someone who knows where the gin bottle is? Do I get to meet her?'" / Chapter 37: "'Ford Prefect,' said Arthur. 'I may have mentioned him in passing.'"
7 Chapter 37 (continued): "Immediate preparations were made for its departure." / Chapter 38: "Crowds thronged as close as they could to the giant silver craft, which wasn't very."
8 Chapter 38 (continued): "The inner perimeter fence was now being dismantled."
9 Chapter 38 (continued): "'All right, I want you to clear a passage, please, for some important pieces of scientific equipment,' boomed Ford." / Chapter 39: "Arthur Dent was irritated to be continually wakened by the sound of gunfire."
10 Chapter 39 (continued): "He clambered through a bulkhead door and found himself in a larger corridor." / Chapter 40: "There remains little still to tell."
11 Chapter 40 (continued): "They realized they were not the first to pass that way, ..."
12 Chapter 40 (continued): "'What is it?' whispered Fenchurch in alarm, crouching behind Arthur, and grasping on to his arm."
13 Chapter 40 (continued): "Between them they picked him up despite his feeble protests and insults."
14 Chapter 40 (continued): "They rounded the foot of the Quentulus Quazgar Mountains, and there was the Message ..." / Epilogue: "One of the greatest benefactors of all lifekind was a man who couldn't keep his mind on the job in hand."
15 Epilogue (continued): "He was also, partly because of this, of a rather irritable disposition."
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