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1 Chapter 24: "Luckily there was a strong updraft in the alley because Arthur hadn't done this sort of thing for a while, at least, not deliberately, and deliberately is exactly the way you are not meant to do it."
2 Chapter 24 (continued): "He slowly, very, very slowly, lifted his head to Fenchurch, who was standing in silent breathless amazement, silhouetted in her upstairs doorway."
3 Chapter 24 (continued): "Arthur was alarmed to see that someone down in the alley was trying to steal her bicycle." / Chapter 25: "Those who are regular followers of the doings of Arthur Dent may have received an impression of his character and habits..."
4 Chapter 25 (continued): "... when Arthur found himself sitting on a hillside watching the moon rise over the softly burning trees..." / Chapter 26: "Arthur Dent allowed himself for an unworthy moment to think, ..."
5 Chapter 26 (continued): "Physics glanced at Arthur, and clotted with horror he was gone too, sick with giddy dropping, every part of him screaming but his voice."
6 Chapter 26 (continued): "They felt, even Fenchurch, now protected from the elements by only a couple of fragments from Marks and Spencer, ..."
7 Chapter 26 (continued): "By the time her two inexplicable people finally slipped back off the wing and tumbled into the slipstream she had cheered up an awful lot." / Chapter 27: "'This is all very wonderful,' said Fenchurch a few days later."
8 Chapter 27 (continued): "It's the absolute stocking top truth. All documented in his little black book, ..."
9 Chapter 28: "'People are beginning to talk,' said Fenchurch that evening, after they had hauled her 'cello in."
10 Chapter 28 (continued): "'Where is the Asylum?' Arcane Jill Watson again." / Chapter 29: "'This is an important announcement. ...'"/ Chapter 30: "They rented a car in Los Angeles..."
11 Chapter 30 (continued): "Their mood lifted further as the sun began to move down the western half of the sky, ..." / Chapter 31: "If you took a couple of David Bowies and stuck one of the David Bowies on the top of the other David Bowie, ..."
12 Chapter 31 (continued): "There were little sandpipers running along the margin of the shore which seemed to have this problem: they needed to find their food in the sand which a wave had just washed over, but they couldn't bear to get their feet wet."
13 Chapter 31 (continued): "... whenever they were mentioned, and had shown them quite proudly round the eccentricities of his house."
14 Chapter 31 (continued): "They went out on to the beach, which was where he started talking about angels with golden beards and green wings and Dr Scholl sandals."
15 Chapter 31 (continued): "They both became aware that Wonko the Sane was glancing sharply backwards and forwards between them, and trying to get a gasp in edgeways."
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