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1 Chapter 13: "That night, at home, as he was prancing round the house pretending to be tripping through cornfields in slow motion and continually exploding with sudden laughter, ..."
2 Chapter 14: "'Ring ring.' 'Ring ring.' 'Ring ring.' 'Hello, yes? Yes, that's right. Yes. You'll 'ave to speak up, there's an awful lot of noise in 'ere. What?'" / Chapter 15: "Eight hours West sat a man alone on a beach mourning an inexplicable loss."
3 Chapter 15 (continued): "And somewhere on this good boffo stretch of coastline lay the house of this inconsolable man, ..." / Chapter 16: "After a disgusting Sunday spent emptying rubbish bins behind a pub in Taunton, ..."
4 Chapter 16 (continued): "'You going to ask me where I was yesterday?' asked the man. 'Eh?'" / Chapter 17: "Misery, dejection. More misery and more dejection. He needed a project and he gave himself one."
5 Chapter 17 (continued): "'OK, skip that,' said the man in the shop. 'How?'" / Chapter 18: "A summer's day in Islington, full of the mournful wail of antique-restoring machinery."
6 Chapter 18 (continued): "This wasn't quite the response he had expected, so he tried again."
7 Chapter 18 (continued): "They looked at each other for a moment."
8 Chapter 18 (continued): "She closed the upstairs front door which had stood open all this time, ..." / Chapter 19: "Ford Prefect was irritated to be continually wakened by the sound of gunfire."
9 Chapter 19 (continued): "He came upon another, much larger three-dimensional screen..." / Chapter 20: "'The purpose of having the sun go low in the evenings, in the summer, especially in parks,' said the voice earnestly, ..."
10 Chapter 20 (contined): "It is a park in which people do more extraordinary things than they do elsewhere."
11 Chapter 20 (continued): "'So let me give you the layout. Me sitting at the table. On my left, the newspaper. On my right, the cup of coffee. In the middle of the table, the packet of biscuits.'"
12 Chapter 20 (continued): "'What?' said Fenchurch. 'What?'"
13 Chapter 20 (continued): "'Well, I ...' said Arthur, his composure suddenly shattered."
14 Chapter 20 (continued): "'What ...?' 'I know it sounds crazy, and everybody says it was hallucinations, ...'"
15 Chapter 20 (continued): "She put her hand on his knee, which made him realize that the tingling going up and down his spine was not her gently stroking his back, ..."
16 Chapter 20 (continued): "'Can we go to them?'" / Chapter 21: "The Hitch Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy is, as has been remarked before often and accurately, a pretty startling kind of a thing."
17 Chapter 21 (continued): "Not that Fire Dragons weren't an essentially peace-loving species, because they were." / Chapter 22: "The night in Islington was sweet and fragrant."
18 Chapter 22 (continued): "Arthur put Dire Straits on the stereo."
19 Chapter 22 (continued): "She did another of the shrugs which would have brought such joy into the life of a simple cushion from Squornshellous Beta." / Chapter 23: "The battle raged on about the star of Xaxis."
20 Chapter 23 (continued): "In his dream he was walking late at night along the East Side, beside the river which had become so extravagantly polluted that new lifeforms were now emerging from it spontaneously, demanding welfare and voting rights."
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