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1 Chapter 6: "From here it was a four-mile walk to his village: a further mile to the turning, to which the abominable Russell had now fiercely declined to take him, and from there a further three miles of winding country lane."
2 Chapter 6 (continued): "This prompted Arthur to go and peer at the window again, this time with an eye not for the asphyxiating emu but for himself."
3 Chapter 6 (continued): "The fact that it was Will made the choice easier. It wasn't that Arthur disliked him as such — Will was quite fun." / Chapter 7: "His house was still there."
4 Chapter 7 (continued): "The room was much as he had left it, i.e. festeringly untidy, ..."
5 Chapter 7 (continued): "Entranced, Arthur turned it round yet again, and this time the light from the dusty little bedside lamp caught it at a different angle and glittered on some fine abrasions on the fish bowl's surface."
6 Chapter 7 (continued): "Instead, there was Arthur Dent the smooth and casual, in corduroys and a chunky sweater."
7 Chapter 7 (continued): "He was following the Earth through its days, ..." / Chapter 8: "Arthur awoke feeling wonderful, absolutely fabulous, refreshed, overjoyed to be home."
8 Chapter 8 (continued): "Between them they killed a virulent space disease he's picked up without knowing it in the Flargathon Gas Swamps a few days earlier, ..."
9 Chapter 8 (continued): "Six conversations along these lines began to take their toll on his mood of vigorous, dynamic optimism, ..." / Chapter 9: "He accepted another pint and took a pull at it."
10 Chapter 9 (continued): "He waited patiently while the next round was duly distributed."
11 Chapter 10: "'At the third stroke it will be one ... thirty-two ... and twenty seconds.' 'Beep ... beep ... beep.'"
12 Chapter 10 (continued): "He double-checked the computer display above the freezer bed, dimmed the lights and checked it again."
13 Chapter 11: "'April showers I hate especially.' However noncommittally Arthur grunted, the man seemed determined to talk to him."
14 Chapter 11 (continued): "The reason he was wrong was standing by the slip road under a small umbrella."
15 Chapter 11 (continued): "'So ...' he said, hoping to kick the conversation off to an exciting start."
16 Chapter 12: "There is, for some reason, something especially grim about pubs near stations, a very particular kind of grubbiness, a special kind of pallor to the pork pies."
17 Chapter 12 (continued): "'I wonder if you'd like to buy some tickets for our raffle? It's just a little one.'"
18 Chapter 12 (continued): "She twirled the little wooden cocktail stick in her tomato juice."
19 Chapter 12 (continued): "She sipped demurely at her tomato juice and looked at her watch."
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