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1 Prologue: "Far out in the uncharted backwaters of the unfashionable end of the western spiral arm of the Galaxy lies a small unregarded yellow sun." / Chapter 1: "That evening it was dark early, which was normal for the time of year."
2 Chapter 1 (continued): "Of course, one never has the slightest notion what size or shape different species are going to turn out to be..."
3 Chapter 1 (continued): "The figure paused to examine the barrier and then dropped the bag he was carrying over it before climbing over himself." / Chapter 2: "Rob McKeena was a miserable bastard and he knew it..."
4 Chapter 2 (continued): "Since he had left Denmark the previous afternoon, ..."
5 Chapter 3: "The next two lorries were not driven by Rain Gods, but they did exactly the same thing."
6 Chapter 4: "Whether it was because he was drunk, ill or suicidally insane would not have been apparent to a casual observer, ..."
7 Chapter 4 (continued): "'What?' said Ford. He seemed a little taken aback."
8 Chapter 4 (continued): "'You gonna die, boy,' the barman murmured quietly at Ford Prefect, and the evidence was on his side."
9 Chapter 5: "The Hitch Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy is a powerful organ. Indeed, its influence is so prodigious that strict rules have had to be drawn up by its editorial staff to prevent its misuse."
10 Chapter 5 (continued): "'Want some?' he said, after he'd had a swig himself."
11 Chapter 5 (continued): "At the end of the alley a steel grey limousine crawled past."
12 Chapter 5 (continued): "This was a planet he had seen completely destroyed, ..."
13 Chapter 5 (continued): "Arthur Dent was one thousand, four hundred and thirty-seven light years away in a Saab, and anxious."
14 Chapter 5 (continued): "Russell hooted his horn fiercely at the car that came round the corner towards them half-way on to their side of the road, making them swerve. The anger seemed to make him feel better."
15 Chapter 5 (continued): "Arthur whirled round in his seat and stared into her suddenly open but utterly vacant eyes."
16 Chapter 5 (continued): "'That was the moment she cracked up. She was in a cafe somewhere. Rickmansworth.'"
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