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1 Chapter 29: "'Tell us,' said the thin, pale-faced Krikkiter who had stepped forward from the ranks of the others and stood uncertainly in the circle of torchlight, handling his gun as if he was just holding it for someone else..."
2 Chapter 29 (continued): "She walked forward and took the poor confused Krikkiter by the arm."
3 Chapter 30: "Zaphod Beeblebrox crawled bravely along a tunnel, like the hell of a guy he was. He was very confused, but continued crawling doggedly anyway because he was that brave."
4 Chapter 30 (continued): "At the first opportunity — which was another shaft a hundred yards further along — he climbed back up out of it." / Chapter 31: "In a deep well of darkness a crippled robot sat."
5 Chapter 31 (continued): "Apart from anything else, the mere coordination of an entire planet's military strategy was taking up only a tiny part of its formidable mind, ..."
6 Chapter 31 (continued): "'Which means, I suppose,' said Marvin, requiring only one ten thousand million billion trillion grillionth part of his mental powers to make this logical leap, 'that you're not going to release me or anything like that.'"
7 Chapter 31 (continued): "'Oh yeah,' said Zaphod. 'It's easy for you to say that. I just told you. Anyway, I don't see what it's got to do with anything.'"
8 Chapter 31 (continued): "Beside it stood a Krikkit robot with its multi-functional battleclub." / Chapter 32: "'Hactar!' called Trillian. 'What are you up to?'"
9 Chapter 32 (continued): "It was thin and feeble, like a voice carried on the wind from a great distance, half heard, a memory of a dream of a voice."
10 Chapter 32 (continued): "The voice on the solar wind breathed to them again. 'I hope you are comfortable,' it said."
11 Chapter 32 (continued): "The image of Hactar on the couch seemed to billow and waver, as if finding it hard to maintain itself."
12 Chapter 32 (continued): "And very gradually, very, very slowly, the images in the cloud began to fade, gently to melt away."
13 Chapter 32 (continued): "He had already had an argument with Slartibartfast on this matter, and eventually the old man had got annoyed and left." / Chapter 33: "The sun was shining calmly on a scene of complete havoc."
14 Chapter 33 (continued): "Arthur stared down at it with a tight-set mouth."
15 Chapter 33 (continued): "Quite a few thoughts collided in Arthur Dent's mind at tis moment, ..."
16 Chapter 33 (continued): "He twisted towards the ground, flinging himself hectically through the air, at the same time hurling the bomb harmlessly into the distance." / Epilogue: "Life, the Universe and Everything. And at the end they travelled again."
17 Epilogue (continued): "'Robots?' asked Zaphod sharply. 'What robots?'"
18 Epilogue (continued): "The courtroom was an austere place, a large dark chamber, clearly designed for Justice rather than, for instance, for Pleasure."
19 Epilogue (continued): "'We came to find you,' said Trillian, deliberately not keeping the disappointment out of her voice."
20 Epilogue (continued): "Trillian came out of the cabin wearing her serious face."
21 Epilogue (continued): "One night, he said, a spaceship appeared in the sky of a planet which had never seen one before."
22 Epilogue (continued): "'Now do you understand?' the leader would say."
23 Epilogue (continued): "There was a long silence following this announcement, which was finally broken by Arthur."
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