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1 Chapter 18 (continued): "Arthur started with horror and fear, ..." / Chapter 19: "Although it has been said that on Earth alone in our Galaxy is Krikkit (or cricket) treated as fit subject for a game, ..."
2 Chapter 19 (continued): "He also started to develop and explore the role of the editorial lunch-break which was subsequently to play such a crucial part in the Guide's history, ..."
3 Chapter 19 (continued): "Rule One: Grow at least three extra legs." / Chapter 20: "As Arthur ran darting, dashing and panting down the side of the mountain..."
4 Chapter 20 (continued): "What he was doing was this: he was flying."
5 Chapter 20 (continued): "He was faced with the fact that he was going to have to pick the thing up."
6 Chapter 20 (continued): "He ducked down under the airstream, dipped — and dived." / Chapter 21: "he longest and most destructive party ever held is now into its fourth generation, ..."
7 Chapter 21 (continued): "One of the problems, and it's one which is obviously going to get worse, ..."
8 Chapter 22: "Arthur lay floundering in pain on a piece of ripped and dismembered reinforced concrete, ..."
9 Chapter 22 (continued): "He experienced one of those "self" moments, ..."
10 Chapter 22 (continued): "'I thought she'd never go,' growled the old man. 'Come, Earthman ...'"
11 Chapter 22 (continued): "A youngish-looking man came up to him, an aggressive-looking type with a hook mouth, a lantern nose, and small beady little cheekbones."
12 Chapter 22 (continued): "The party was locked in a horrible embrace with a strange white spaceship which seemed to be half sticking through it."
13 Chapter 22 (continued): "Thor looked at him with slowly smouldering eyes. He was making some point about godliness and it had nothing to do with being clean." / Chapter 23: "'All right,' shouted Ford, 'so I'm a coward, the point is I'm still alive'"
14 Chapter 23 (continued): "Arthur turned sharply to Slartibartfast, who was sitting in his pilot couch on the flight deck..." / Chapter 24: "It is a mistake to think you can solve any major problems just with potatoes."
15 Chapter 24 (continued): "For a while this worked well, until someone thought that it would be much more efficient and less time-consuming if they just shot the potatoes instead."
16 Chapter 25: "Even as the Starship Bistromath flickered into objective being on the top of a small cliff on the mile-wide asteroid..."
17 Chapter 25 (continued): "The asteroid circled the Dust Cloud which surrounded the Slo-Time envelope which enclosed the world on which lived the people of Krikkit, the Masters of Krikkit and their killer robots."
18 Chapter 25 (continued): "As space unpinched itself, it seemed agonizingly to twist the eyes of the watchers in their sockets." / Chapter 26: "'I don't know,' said Zaphod, for what seemed to him like the thirty-seventh time, ..."
19 Chapter 26 (continued): "She stared at the huge visiscreen over the flight couches and, twisting a switch, she flipped local images over it."
20 Chapter 27: "It was the same hill, and yet not the same."
21 Chapter 27 (continued): "A light moved in the sky with slow weight."
22 Chapter 28 (continued): "Meanwhile, more millions of miles away than the mind can comfortably encompass, Zaphod Beeblebrox was feeling bored."
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