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1 Chapter 12 (continued): "They slipped out from underneath the tree, and followed the cheery party along the dark hill path."
2 Chapter 12 (continued): "As he spoke, they became aware of a very thin roaring scream high up in the sightless sky above them."
3 Chapter 12 (continued): "But whilst these spaceships, and other great ones which come to mind, ..."
4 Chapter 12 (continued): "'No way,' said Ford a while later after they had recovered from the shock of acceleration, and were climbing up out of the planet's atmosphere..."
5 Chapter 13: "'So you see,' said Slartibartfast, slowly stirring his artificially constructed coffee..." / Chapter 14: "'The people of Krikkit,' said His High Judgmental Supremacy, Judiciary Pag, LIVR"
6 Chapter 14 (continued): "'I mean,' continued Judiciary Pag, gazing round the ultra-modern ... and huge courtroom, 'these guys are just obsessed.'"
7 Chapter 14 (continued): "Judiciary Pag gazed once more around the courtroom, ..."
8 Chapter 15: "Two months later, Zipo Bibrok 5×10^8 had cut the bottoms off his Galactic State jeans, and was spending part of the enormous fee his judgments commanded lying on a jewelled beach..."
9 Chapter 16: "'Nothing is lost for ever,' said Slartibartfast, his face flickering redly in the light of the candle which the robot waiter was trying to take away, 'except for the Cathedral of Chalesm.'"
10 Chapter 16 (continued): "'When,' said Ford eagerly, 'do we get there?' 'When I've finished telling you why we have to go there.'"
11 Chapter 16 (continued): "Arthur accepted this, and Ford continued, picking up his early fierce momentum as best he could." / Chapter 17: "Time travel is increasingly regarded as a menace. History is being polluted."
12 Chapter 17 (continued): "The trouble is that a lot of history is now quite clearly bunk as well."
13 Chapter 17 (continued): "So a lot of history is now gone for ever." / Chapter 18: "Arthur materialized, and did so with all the customary staggering about and clasping at his throat, heart and various limbs..."
14 Chapter 18 (continued): "Someone or something, however, seemed to be expecting him, for at that moment there lit up suddenly in the dark distance an eerie green neon sign."
15 Chapter 18 (continued): "This unnerved Arthur Dent even more than a reply would have done, and he began to back away from the scary nothingness."
16 Chapter 18 (continued): "With a sudden ping, there was a rabbit there in the black labyrinth with him, a huge, monstrously, hideously soft and lovable rabbit..."
17 Chapter 18 (continued): "The echoes of his voice roared up and down the corridors. Arthur stood silent and cold, his head shaking with disbelief."
18 Chapter 18 (continued): "It was black. Where it wasn't black you were inclined to wish that it was, ..."
19 Chapter 18 (continued): "His many feet were mostly stamping on ants. Arthur put his hands over his eyes, hung his head and shook it slowly from side to side in sadness and horror at the craziness of things."
20 Chapter 18 (continued): "He tugged at his beard. He was appalled to discover that in fact he still had the rabbit bone in it. He pulled it out and threw it away."
21 Chapter 18 (continued): "'Save the Universe!' spat Agrajag with contempt. 'You should have thought of that before you started your vendetta against me! ...'"
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