12" Vinyl 1
# Title Artist Rating Length
A1 Show Me the Way
The Free-For-All 2:24
A2 Do You Believe Me
Byron & The Mortals 2:14
A3 Out of My Hands
The Endd 2:39
A4 The Girl I Threw Away
The Knaves 2:33
A5 Pretty Girl
The Bugs 2:02
A6 You're Never Gonna Love Me Anymore
The Bucaneer's 2:15
A7 No Correspondence
The Beckett Quintet 2:28
A8 I'm Not Trying to Hurt You
The Outsiders 1:56
B1 Run Run Run
The Gestures 2:18
B2 Gotta Get Some
The Bold 2:27
B3 Project Blue
The Banshees 2:30
B4 At the River's Edge
New Colony Six 2:38
B5 Come Down
Beethoven's Fifth 2:44
B6 Feel It
It's All Meat 3:28
B7 Too Bad
The Bad Roads 2:10
B8 Blue Girl
The Bad Roads 2:03


12" Vinyl 1

The Bad Roads (track B8)
Dale Menten (track B1)
Dale Menten (track B1)
recording of:
Blue Girl (track B8)
Run, Run, Run (track B1)

Release Group

part of: Pebbles (number: 9)