Sub-Optimal Credits

The Short-Tempered Clavier
Preludes and Fugues in all the Major and Minor Keys Except for the Really Hard Ones (S. easy as 3.14159265)

Hamburg Steinway D Piano provided by Mechanics Hall - piano preparation by Barbara Pease Renner

Little Pickle Book
Imperial Spud Theatre, Hoople, North Dakota, April 11, 1995
Additional recording at Commercial Recording Studio, Studio 1, Cleveland, Ohio, May 1, 1995

Three Chorale-Based Piecelets
recorded next to the feedlots at the King Congregational Church, Fayray, North Dakota, May 1, 1995

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CD 1
# Title Artist Rating Length
1 Opening & Introduction P.D.Q. Bach 4:51
2 The Short-Tempered Clavier: I. C major P.D.Q. Bach 2:48
3 The Short-Tempered Clavier: II. C minor P.D.Q. Bach 1:51
4 The Short-Tempered Clavier: III. C-sharp major P.D.Q. Bach 3:36
5 The Short-Tempered Clavier: IV. D major P.D.Q. Bach 1:34
6 The Short-Tempered Clavier: V. D minor P.D.Q. Bach 2:28
7 The Short-Tempered Clavier: VI. E-flat major P.D.Q. Bach 2:20
8 The Short-Tempered Clavier: VII. F major P.D.Q. Bach 4:02
9 The Short-Tempered Clavier: VIII. G minor P.D.Q. Bach 2:04
10 The Short-Tempered Clavier: IX. G major P.D.Q. Bach 2:35
11 The Short-Tempered Clavier: X. A major P.D.Q. Bach 3:38
12 The Short-Tempered Clavier: XI. A minor P.D.Q. Bach 1:40
13 The Short-Tempered Clavier: XII. B-flat major P.D.Q. Bach 3:13
14 Introduction P.D.Q. Bach 3:17
15 Little Pickle Book (S. 6): I. Toccata et Fuga Obnoxia P.D.Q. Bach 3:56
16 Little Pickle Book (S. 6): II. Chorale Prelude (Ave Maria et Agnus Dei) P.D.Q. Bach 1:51
17 Little Pickle Book (S. 6): III. Fantasia sopra "Fräulein Maria Mack" P.D.Q. Bach 1:37
18 Little Pickle Book (S. 6): IV. Lullaby and Goodnight P.D.Q. Bach 2:42
19 Introduction P.D.Q. Bach 1:17
20 Sonata Da Circo (Circus Sonata) (S. 3.ring): I. Spiel Vorspiel P.D.Q. Bach 2:35
21 Sonata Da Circo (Circus Sonata) (S. 3.ring): II. Entrada Grande P.D.Q. Bach 3:09
22 Sonata Da Circo (Circus Sonata) (S. 3.ring): III. Smokski the Russian Bear P.D.Q. Bach 1:24
23 Sonata Da Circo (Circus Sonata) (S. 3.ring): IV. Toccata Ecdysiastica P.D.Q. Bach 1:35
24 Sonata Da Circo (Circus Sonata) (S. 3.ring): Calliope Frustration P.D.Q. Bach 0:26
25 Introduction P.D.Q. Bach 1:09
26 Three Chorale-Based Piecelets (S. III): I. Chorale: "Orally" P.D.Q. Bach 2:04
27 Three Chorale-Based Piecelets (S. III): II. Chorale Prelude on an American Hymn for the Last Sunday Before the Fourth Day of the Seventh Month After New Year's Eve P.D.Q. Bach 1:27
28 Three Chorale-Based Piecelets (S. III): III. Chorale Variations on "In der Nacht so Hell, der Petrus istmein Freund" P.D.Q. Bach 5:25
29 Epilogue P.D.Q. Bach 1:23


CD 1

Prof. Schickele (composer) (1995-05-01) (tracks 26–28)
calliope [Morecraft Steam Calliope]:
David Robinson (linguist/musician) (1995-05-30) (tracks 20–24)
Prof. Schickele (composer) (1995-05-30) (tracks 20–24)
theatre organ [Mighty Wurlitzer Theatre Organ]:
Dennis James (glass harmonica player) (tracks 15–18)
grand piano [Hamburg Steinway D Piano]:
Christopher O’Riley (American pianist) (1995-02-22) (tracks 2–13)
Peter Schickele (composer) (track 2)
Jack Renner (engineer for Telarc) (1995-02-22) (tracks 2–13)
Michael Bishop (Telarc engineer/producer) (1995-04-11) (tracks 15–18)
Michael Bishop (Telarc engineer/producer) (1995-05-01) (tracks 15–18, 26–28)
Thomas Knab (editor) (1995-05-30) (tracks 20–24)
previously attributed to:
P.D.Q. Bach (track 2)
Erica Brenner (producer/editor) (tracks 20–24)
Elaine Martone (engineer) (tracks 2–13, 15–18, 26–28)
recording engineer:
Jack Renner (engineer for Telarc) (1995-02-22) (track 12)
recorded at:
Mechanics Hall in Worcester, Massachusetts, United States (1995-02-22) (tracks 2–13)
International Circus Hall of Fame in Peru, Indiana, United States (1995-05-30) (tracks 20–24)
recording of:

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