How I Spent My Vacation

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"Call Of The Wylie", director Fisher Stevens. Recorded at Baby Monster Studio, NYC, 1995 (tracks 1 to 5).
"Cut Trees" (a theme considered for , but not used in "Trees Lounge"), director Steve Buscemi. Recorded at Seltzer Sound, NYC, 1997 (track 6).
"The Salesman And Other Adventures", director Hannah Weyer. Recorded at NYU, 1995 (tracks 7 to 9).
"Layin' Low", director Danny Leiner. Recorded at Brielle Music, NYC, 1996 (tracks 10 to 16).
"Tests For An Unnamed Feature" recorded at Master Sound Astoria, NY, 1992 (tracks 17 to 19).
"Phinehas", director Fisher Stevens. Recorded at Brielle Music, 1996 (tracks 20 to 25).
"Love Lost" recorded at Seltzer Sound, 1997 (track 26).

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CD 1
2The Call of the Wylie 'Acme pianos dropped on my head'2:45
3Mary Melody to the Hollywood Hills1:29
4The Class 'my instrument had become encrusted with sameness'2:30
5You Can't Go Home Again2:35
6Cut Trees
recording engineer:
Carl Seltzer
piano and synthesizer:
Evan Lurie
7The Salesman0:59
8Waiting For X0:36
9Departures in New Noise2:02
10Jerry's Theme1:22
11Languid Rooftop and The Plan2:24
13Possible Love2:19
15Jerry Sad0:39
16Christie's Day1:29
17Guitarras Solo Guitarras4:25
20The Phinehas J. Platypus Show1:07
22The Project0:41
23'I won't use this needle, this needle has been used before'2:04
24Wishes Becoming Madness2:52
25Exit Puppeteer2:00
26Love Lost
recording engineer:
Carl Seltzer
piano and synthesizer:
Evan Lurie



design/illustration:Ikue Mori
associate producer:Kazunori Sugiyama (producer and engineer)
executive producer:John Zorn
editor:David Carbonara
mastering:Allan Tucker (mastering engineer)
composer:Evan Lurie
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ASIN:US: B0000067WR [info]
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