12" Vinyl 1
# Title Artist Rating Length
A1 Circuit Breaker
The Pastels 2:20
A2 Feel So Good
The Jaggers 1:55
A3 Love Me Baby
Rick Lane & The People 2:27
A4 Please
Wild-Ones 2:09
A5 Please Don't Go
The Second Hand Bittersweet 2:55
A6 Life
Crystal Revelation 2:44
A7 That's the Way
The Intruders 2:02
A8 Don't Look Now
The Sires 2:29
B1 Your Gona Break My Heart
The Abstrack Sound 1:45
B2 The Color of Dream
The Knights of the Road 2:05
B3 I'm Sad
Black & The Blues 2:21
B4 Love Has a Way
The Vicars 1:54
B5 Thoughts of You
The Piggy Bank 2:00
B6 Hold Me
The Cutaways 2:19
B7 You Can Make It
The Empty Streets 3:05
B8 Don't Sell Yourself
The Bacardis 2:19


Release Group

part of: Diggin’ for Gold (number: 9)