Cassette 1
# Title Rating Length
A1 Awake 6:27
A2 Lost Yourself 5:35
A3 Far Away 7:25
A4 Eternal Winds 4 5:12
A5 Dark Silence 1:29
A6 Tears From My Eyes 3 4:12
A7 When the Sky Turns Black 4:57
B1 Another Season 4 5:17
B2 Aeons of Desolation 4:08
B3 Awaiting the Shining 3:54
B4 Awake... Thy Angels of Sorrow 4 5:03
B5 By the Grace of God 4:55
B6 How Many Tears 3 6:05


Cassette 1

Michael Weikath (track B6)
Michael Weikath (track B6)
Wintrup Musikverlag (track B6)
cover recording of:
How Many Tears (track B6)
recording of:
Aeons of Desolation (track B2)
Another Season (track B1)
Awake (track A1)
By the Grace of God (track B5)
Dark Silence (track A5)
Eternal Winds (track A4)
Far Away (track A3)
Lost Yourself (track A2)
Tears From My Eyes (track A6)