12" Vinyl 1
# Title Rating Length
A1 Always in My Head 3.75 3:37
A2 Magic 4.25 4:45
A3 Ink 4.5 3:48
A4 True Love 4.25 4:06
A5 Midnight 4.25 4:55
B1 Another's Arms 4 3:54
B2 Oceans 4.35 5:22
B3 A Sky Full of Stars 4.5 4:28
B4 O 4 7:47


12" Vinyl 1

acoustic guitar:
Chris Martin (lead singer of Coldplay) (tracks A2–A3)
drums (drum set):
Will Champion (tracks A2–A4, B3)
bass guitar:
Guy Berryman (tracks A3–A4, B3)
Chris Martin (lead singer of Coldplay) (track A5)
Will Champion (track A5)
slide guitar:
Jonny Buckland (track A3)
Jonny Buckland (tracks A2–A4, B3)
Guy Berryman (track A2)
Will Champion (tracks A2, A5)
Guy Berryman (tracks A3–A4, B3)
Jonny Buckland (tracks A4–A5, B3)
Chris Martin (lead singer of Coldplay) (track A5)
Jonny Buckland (track A5)
Chris Martin (lead singer of Coldplay) (tracks A2, A4, B3)
bass synthesizer:
Guy Berryman (track A5)
additional strings:
Davide Rossi (Goldfrapp violinist) (track A4)
additional membranophone:
Timbaland (track A4)
additional bass:
Mike Dean (US "dirty south" hip-hop producer & mix engineer) (track B1)
additional keyboard:
Tim Bergling (track B3)
Paul Epworth (track A2)
additional instruments:
Madeon (tracks A1, B4)
assistant mixer:
Geoff Swan (tracks A1–B1, B3–B4)
background vocals:
Will Champion (track A3)
Tim Bergling (track B3)
Jon Hopkins (track A5)
Olga FitzRoy (tracks A1–B4)
Chris Owens (engineer) (tracks A1–B4)
Jamie Sickora (tracks A1–B4)
Joe Visciano (tracks A1–B4)
Matt Wiggins (engineer, producer) (tracks A1–B4)
lead vocals:
Chris Martin (lead singer of Coldplay) (tracks A2–A5, B3)
Daniel Green (track B2)
Rik Simpson (track B2)
Mark “Spike” Stent (producer, engineer) (tracks A1–B1, B3–B4)
Coldplay (tracks A1–B4)
Paul Epworth (tracks A1–B4)
Daniel Green (tracks A1–B4)
Rik Simpson (tracks A1–B4)
Will Champion (tracks A4, B3)
Tim Bergling (track B3)
Guy Berryman (tracks A1–B4, B4)
Jonny Buckland (tracks A1–B4, B4)
Will Champion (tracks A1–B4, B4)
Chris Martin (lead singer of Coldplay) (tracks A1–B4, B4)
compilation of:
Fly On by Coldplay (track B4)
O by Coldplay (track B4)
has remixes:
karaoke versions:
Silver Chord by Jane Weaver (background vocals) (track B1)
part of:
Indie 88: Top 500 Indie Rock Songs (number: 352) (track B3)
recording of:
A Sky Full of Stars (track B3)
Always in My Head (track A1)
Another's Arms (track B1)
Fly On (track B4)
Ink (track A3)
Magic (track A2)
Midnight (track A5)
O (track B4)
Oceans (track B2)
True Love (track A4)