B1–B2 are not listed on release. Durations listed on release are incorrect and have been corrected with timed durations.

Printed durations:
A1: 4:30
A2: 4:30
B3: 6:30
B4: 4:30

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12" Vinyl 1
# Title Rating Length
A1 It’s You (vocal) 4:12
A2 It’s You (instrumental) 4:12
B1 [untitled] 1:12
B2 [untitled] 2:43
B3 It’s You (Underground mix) 4:10
B4 It’s You (instrumental reprise) 4:12


12" Vinyl 1

Thomas Adam (member of E.S.P.) (tracks A1–A2, B3–B4)
Daniel Lee Ellington (tracks A1–A2, B3–B4)
instrumental recording of:
It's You (tracks A2, B4)
recording of:
It's You (tracks A1, B3)

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