It's with open arms that we welcome back one of our favorite producers in our genre, this time we are to face another original from the mighty Dutch star, Roald Velden!

Being with us for a couple of times, we are thrilled as ever to see the original of "Watching The Sunset" reach the market. With his lovely skills to bring melodies together, he once more showcase what an exceptional talent he is. Warm bass chords, driving kicks and great textures built with his amazing work on the strings we feel truly honored to bring this release on the table for you all.

On remix duty you are to face a brilliant line up, lead the way by an always returning starlet in our genre, the great AKI Amano hailing from Japan. With his trademark melody work, isn't he in the very top flight of building it up you think?

It was with great pleasure we handed over the original work from Roald in his hands and man, we are blown away to say the least, it's pure mint melodic work coming up here, the true "AKI style"!

The 2nd remix comes from fast rising starlet, Markus Hakala, the producer based in Finland. With a great rework, you are to catch some fresh ideas on an already lovely track. We won't say too much to you, but be ready for a brilliant and stunning breakdown including some magnificent guitar play to die for, it's just gorgeous and we fell for it right at the first listen.

Last out is another remix from a new name on our roster, French riding talent Sean Eryx. Being seen only once so far outside his Ifonika imprint where he also do the work, that time on a remix made for Fuzzy Recordings, we now are pleased to welcome him to our house. He has put in a slightly deeper approach here, with some really cool and emotional melodies lined up to give Roalds original idea another dimension, we are thrilled to have him with us with this nice piece of progressive music.

Overall another solid package that we hope will gain support among a lot of you out there!

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Digital Media 1
# Title Rating Length
1 Watching the Sunset
2 Watching the Sunset (Sean Eryx remix)
3 Watching the Sunset (AKI Amano remix)
4 Watching the Sunset (Markus Hakala remix)


Digital Media 1

Markus Hakala (Electronic music producer) (track 4)