DIFFERENCE BT WORDS: (approximated)
"The difference between an animal and me
its not easy to see
its a difficult thing
unless hidden among weeds
its not difficult to see
we both can expierence jealousy
they can't remember what they see"

redownload it again if you already grabbed it. this is the final mix. some elements were missing from the last mp3.
this is a loney tune about the differences (the ability to retain memories) and similarities (the ability to feel jealousy) between humans and animals. It's far out but it has a sad vibe i think. hope you guys like it. i've had fun in chicago. tomorrow i master the final mixes for the atlas sound record at chicago audio with bob weston. then i go Hto new york. its been a weird week being away from home and my best friend (for the first time in a long while) and i'm out of it. i'd love to be in my room playing videogames with him. i miss my bed. hope everyone is having a good fall so far. oh yeah, the image above is of a humanzee named oliver. lockett told me about him. he was supposed to be a cross between a human and chimpanzee. he supposedly liked to smoke cigars.


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