Digital Media 1
1Dialogue Clip: Harry and Karl's Magic Audition
David Mitchell, Peter Capaldi, Robert Webb0:35
2The Cat
recording of:
The Cat (original music (no lyrics) by Lalo Schifrin)
Lalo Schifrin (pianist & composer)
Jimmy Smith3:24
3Dialogue Clip: Jizz - The Magicians
Steve Edge, David Mitchell0:14
4Black Magic Woman
cover recording of:
Black Magic Woman
lyricist and composer:
Peter Green (former member of Fleetwood Mac)
Bourne Music Ltd. and Murbo Music Publishers, Inc.
5Dialogue Clip: In the Auditorium - The Magicians
Jessica Stevenson, David Mitchell0:39
6Gay Bar
recording of:
Gay Bar
lyricist and composer:
Tyler Spencer
Electric Six2:21
7Dialogue Clip: The Time for Talking Has Ended
David Mitchell, Robert Webb1:13
8Dirty Tricks
The Sweet Inspirations3:00
9Dialogue Clip: Suck My Wand
Steve Edge, David Mitchell, Katy Wix, Eleanor Matsuura0:23
10Just an Illusion
The Hours4:07
11Dialogue Clip: Otto and Karl Spot Dani
Robert Webb, Darren Boyd0:24
12Creepin Up the Backstairs
Todd Burke and Tony Hoffer
producer and mixer:
Tony Hoffer
additional mixer:
Steve Osborne (producer)
recording of:
Creepin Up the Backstairs
The Fratellis (Scottish rock band)
The Fratellis33:05
13Dialogue Clip: You Flew to London
Jessica Stevenson, David Mitchell0:20
14Non, je ne regrette rienÉdith Piaf2:21
15Dialogue Clip: Karl and Harry Argue
Steve Edge, Robert Webb, David Mitchell, Tom Meeten1:18
16I Put a Spell on You
Luke Toms3:11
17Dialogue Clip: The Stooge
Robert Webb, Alex MacQueen0:20
18"O Fortuna"
Arnold Schoenberg Chor, Wiener Sängerknaben, Erwin Ortner, Wiener Philharmoniker, André Previn2:42
19Dialogue Clip: Otto's Not Gay
Darren Boyd, Robert Webb0:28
20The Handclapping Song
The Meters2:54
21Dialogue Clip: Otto and Karl
Darren Boyd, Robert Webb0:54
Alan Parsons (of The Alan Parsons Project)
phonographic copyright by:
EMI Records Ltd. (not for release label use! UK parent of EMI-owned labels until Sept 2012) (in 1974)
recording of:
Billy Lyall and David Paton
EMI (EMI Records, since 1972), EMI Music Publishing Ltd. and Robbins Music Corp. Ltd.
23Dialogue Clip: Pros and Cons
Jessica Stevenson, David Mitchell1:11
24Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic
Mr Hudson & The Library3:01
25Dialogue Clip: Happy Chugging
Jessica Stevenson, David Mitchell0:18
26Could It Be Magic
The Puppini Sisters3:57
27Dialogue Clip: I Don't Actually Love You
Jessica Stevenson, David Mitchell0:20