Medium 1
# Title Artist Rating Length
1 Somewhere (Trouser Enthusiast mix)
Pet Shop Boys 10:33
2 All I Wanna Do (Toys of Depression mix)
Dannii Minogue 10:56
3 Did It Again (Goddess of Contortion mix)
Kylie Minogue 10:07
4 Alane (Orgasmic Apparition mix)
Wes 10:22
5 Heaven's What I Feel (Neanderthal Thrust mix)
Gloria Estefan 10:41
6 Everything I Wanted (Golden Delicious mix)
Dannii Minogue 11:03
7 Sylvie (Tintinnabulation mix)
Saint Etienne 8:01


Medium 1

additional arranger:
Terry Ronald (track 7)
additional producer:
additional vocals:
Terry Ronald (track 7)
Mitch Stevens (track 7)
Sarah Cracknell (track 7)
Michel Sanchez (track 4)
Bob Stanley (track 7)
Pete Wiggs (track 7)
Wes (Cameroonian musician) (track 4)
Patrice Delacour (track 4)
Wes (Cameroonian musician) (track 4)
Steve Anderson (producer, in groups Scratch Acid, Brothers in Rhythm, et al) (track 3)
Kylie Minogue (track 3)
Dave Seaman (track 3)
recording of:
Alane (track 4)
Did It Again (track 3)
Sylvie (track 7)