Cassette 1
# Title Artist Rating Length
A01 Skurril (instrumental)
Sleepwalk 1:35
A02 Refuse the Needle
Lescure 13 3:45
A03 Invaders
Kriegbereit 6:15
A04 No Insurance
No Comment 3:45
A05 Symphony (Gunman mix)
Aworkx 5:08
A06 Hypnotic (Hard mix)
Fuze Box Machine 5:15
A07 Words of a Tale
The Innocence of Crime 3:10
A08 Punish Me
Brain Distortion 4:10
A09 Selling God
Suicide Commando 4:17
A10 Mamifers
cKatarsi 6:10
B01 Darksides of Living
The Innocence of Crime 4:05
B02 X/Tazi
Brain Distortion 3:36
B03 Never Get Out
Suicide Commando 4:20
B04 X.F.M.
cKatarsi 7:00
B05 Body Collapse
Sleepwalk 5:20
B06 The Bounty Killer
Lescure 13 3:55
B07 Power!
Kriegbereit 3:25
B08 Altered Man (EP mix)
Aworkx 4:20
B09 Sepsis
No Comment 3:50
B10 Stress Out
Fuze Box Machine 4:40