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CD 1
1Nashville Jumps
Cecil Gant2:59
2My Baby's Barrel House
Wynonie Harris2:50
3Evil Man Blues
Rudy Greene2:44
4Train Time Blues
Cecil Gant3:07
5Keep Your Man at Home
Iona Wade2:53
6Dig This Boogie
Wynonie Harris2:32
7Tom, Tom the Piper's Son
Don Q Orchestra2:12
8I'm Lucky With My Brown Gal
Sherman Williams2:45
9Move Back to the Woods
Walter Davis2:40
10Call on the Phone
Lewis Campbell2:48
11Late Hours Blues
The Blue Jacks3:08
12Raid on Cedar Street
Tom Douglas2:34
13Delinquency Blues
Max "Blue" Bailey3:22
14Beer Bottle Boogie
Mr. Swing3:04
15Hey Little Girl
Bernie Hardison2:39
16Don't Do It
Christine Kittrell3:33
17Gonna Bring My Baby Back
Mr. Swing2:29
18Back Alley Boogie
Sherman Johnson2:46
19Steam Pressing Woman
Tommy Brooks2:31
20Bullet Boogie
Cecil Gant2:26
21Payday Lover
Vivian Verson2:22
22Don't Get Excited
Tucker Coles2:55
23Wail Daddy
Charlie Dowell Orchestra2:25
24Well Alright Baby
Billie McAllister2:51
25I Got a Big Fat Daddy
Helen Foster3:03
CD 2
1Certainly All
Eddie Jones2:15
2Old Man You're Slipping
Christine Kittrell2:56
3My Baby Left Me
Little Eddie2:21
4No Better for You
Gay Crosse2:46
5If You See My Lover
Julius King3:05
6Why Don't You Let Me Be
J.D. Horton2:27
7Don't Want Nobody Hangin' Arou
Lewis Campbell2:30
8Feelin' Sad
Eddie Jones2:38
9Somebody Somewhere
Helen Foster2:17
10It Sure Costs Money to Live
Robert Tucker2:56
11Sittin' Here Drinking
Christine Kittrell3:30
12Pitch a Boogie Woogie
Charles Ruckles2:36
13Still Feelin' Sad
Ford Nelson3:06
14I Ain't Nothing but a Fool
Christine Kittrell2:01
15Brownskin Woman Blues
Little Maxie Bailey2:44
16Chocolate Sundae
Kid King’s Combo2:39
17Detroit Arrow
Shy Guy Douglas2:59
18Things Gonna Change
The Leap Frogs2:47
19She Was All I Had
The Dixie Doodlers2:57
20Little Annie
Ford Nelson2:17
21Skip's Boogie
Kid King’s Combo2:57
22Love Me Baby
Bernie Hardison2:39
23Drive Soldiers Drive
Little Maxie Bailey3:03
24Changeable Woman
Robert Tucker2:57
25Dirty Britches
The Leap Frogs2:46
CD 3
1Baby Let's Play House
Arthur Gunter2:48
2Bus Station Blues
Louis Brooks and His Hi-Toppers2:37
3The Brass Rail
Kid King’s Combo2:57
4Best of Friends
The Dixie Doodlers2:46
5Late Every Evening
Tommy McGhee2:51
6I'm Your Country Man
Shy Guy Douglas2:49
7Blues After Hours
Arthur Gunter2:33
8Driving Down the Highway
The Blue Flamers2:42
9It's Love Baby (24 Hours a Day)
Louis Brooks and His Hi-Toppers2:41
10Gotta Have You Baby
Louis Campbell2:48
11Courtin' in a Cadillac
Jerry McCain2:16
12Lonesome for My Baby
Slim Hunt2:53
13Prize Fightin' Papa
Beulah Bryant2:56
14Too Much
Bernie Hardison2:25
15Wasted Time
Shy Guy Douglas2:53
16The Natural Facts
Louis Campbell2:33
17Johnny Mae
The Blues Rockers2:55
18Don't Let Daddy Slow Walk You
Good Rockin' Sam2:57
19No Jive
Little Al3:08
20Cool Lovin' Mama
Rudy Green2:54
21That's What They Want
Jerry McCain2:24
22Miss You So
Lillian Offitt2:14
23Little Lean Woman
Little Al2:03
24I Don't Need You Now
Earl Gaines with Louis Brooks and His Hi-Toppers2:24
25Pipe Dreams
Jimmy Beck & His Orchestra2:10



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