As Time Goes By

~ Release by Roby Lakatos (see all versions of this release, 2 available)


CD 1
1Le Grand Blond Avec Une Chaussure Noire "Main Theme"Vladimir Cosma5:07
2Casablanca "As Time Goes By"Herman Hupfeld4:45
3Two Soldiers "Dark Night"Nikita Bogoslovsky3:22
4Time of the Gypsies "Niška Banja"Traditional2:59
5The Godfather "Love Theme"Nino Rota4:20
6Once Upon a Time in America "Poverty"Ennio Morricone3:50
7Fiddler on the Roof "If I Were a Rich Man"
Roby Lakatos and His Ensemble
Kálmán Cséki and Roby Lakatos
recording of:
If I Were a Rich Man (Fiddler on the Roof)
Sheldon Harnick
Jerry Bock
Chappell & Co. and Sunbeam Music Corp.
part of:
Fiddler on the Roof
Jerry Bock3:49
8Fiddler on the Roof "To Life"Jerry Bock3:15
9Cossacks of the Kuban "Tsvetyót Kalina"Isaak Dunayevsky4:56
10Chocolat "Minor Swing"Django Reinhardt / Stéphane Grappelli4:30
11Time of the Gypsies "Djelem, Djelem"Zarko Jovanovic3:53
12Intermezzo "Intermezzo"Heinz Provost3:57
13The Third Man "Harry Lime Theme"Anton Karas2:11
14Two for the Road "Main Theme"Henry Mancini5:28
15Once Upon a Time in America "Deborah's Theme"Ennio Morricone4:11
16Madame Bovary "Waltz"Miklós Rózsa4:34
17Queen of the Gypsies "Nana Lové"Traditional2:49