12" Vinyl 1
# Title Artist Rating Length
A1 Please Don't Go
Lee “Scratch” Perry & The Soulettes 3:16
A2 Chicken Scratch
Lee “Scratch” Perry 2:58
A3 Feel Like Jumping
Lee “Scratch” Perry 2:31
A4 Solid as a Rock
Lee “Scratch” Perry & The Dynamites 2:45
A5 By Saint Peter
Lee “Scratch” Perry & The Soulettes 2:28
A6 Tackoo
Lee “Scratch” Perry 2:12
B1 Roast Duck
King Scratch & The Dynamites 2:35
B2 Man to Man
Lee “Scratch” Perry & The Wailers 2:24
B3 Gruma
King Scratch & The Dynamites 1:58
B4 Jane Ann & the Pumpkin
Lee “Scratch” Perry 1:55
B5 Just Keep It Up
Lee “Scratch” Perry & The Dynamites 2:44
B6 Puss in Bag
Lee “Scratch” Perry & The Soulettes 2:43