12" Vinyl 1
# Title Artist Rating Length
A1 East Virginia Blues
Pete Seeger 2:55
A2 In the Evening
Pete Seeger 2:38
A3 Hieland Laddie
Pete Seeger 2:17
A4 Hobo Blues (or Dusty Road)
John Lee Hooker 3:25
A5 Maudie
John Lee Hooker 2:44
A6 Tupolo (or Backwater Blues)
John Lee Hooker 3:27
A7 A Si Mon Moine Voulait Danser
Alan Mills 1:23
A8 Le Reel Du Pendu
Jean Carignan 1:31
A9 I Know an Old Lady
Alan Mills 2:54
A10 La Bastringue
Alan Mills 1:32
B1 Brian Boru
Tom Makem 1:24
B2 Johnny, I Hardly Knew Ye
Tom Makem 3:52
B3 The Whistling Gypsy
Tom Makem 4:06
B4 Old Joe Clark
Jimmy Driftwood 2:22
B5 The Unfortunate Man
Jimmy Driftwood 3:59
B6 Roll in My Sweet Baby's Arms
The New Lost City Ramblers 3:08
B7 The Man of Constant Sorrow
Mike Seeger 3:05
B8 Foggy Mountain Top
The New Lost City Ramblers 2:38


12" Vinyl 1

Jean Carignan (tracks A7, A9)
Mike Seeger (tracks A10, B6, B8)
John Cohen (tracks A10, B6, B8)
Eric Weisberg (track B3)
Oscar Brand (track A3)
Jimmy Driftwood (track B5)
John Lee Hooker (track A6)
Tom Paley (tracks A10, B6, B8)
Peter Seeger (tracks A2–A3, B3–B4)
double bass [string bass]:
Bill Lee (bassist, composer, father of Spike Lee) (track A6)
musical bow [bow]:
Jimmy Driftwood (track B4)
Mike Seeger (tracks A10, B6–B8)
lead vocals [unaccompanied vocal]:
Alan Mills (track A9)
solo fiddle:
Jean Carignan (track A8)
solo bagpipe:
Tom Makem (track B1)
Peter Seeger (tracks A2–A3)
Oscar Brand (track A3)
Jimmy Driftwood (tracks A10, B4–B5)
John Lee Hooker (track A6)
Tom Makem (track B3)
Alan Mills (tracks A7, A10)
recorded at:
Freebody Park in Newport, Rhode Island, United States (1960-06-24 – 1960-06-26) (tracks A1–B8)