Holy26CD is a jewel case. Holy26CDX appears to be the limited edition digipack, the first 4000 copies numbered. (However, I have a copy of the limited edition digipack (nr. 0641/4000) and it has only Holy26CD on the case and Holy26CD-DIGIPACK on the "limited edition" sticker with the numbering. It has the same bar-code as the normal edition. — bogdanb)

Recorded at BM Studio.

Words and music by Hasnawi/Tschirner, except O Solitude, «a Song on a Ground», words by Katherine Philips, music by Henry Purcell, and The Embrace, a free adaption of a song by Henry Purcell («the last one that Mr. Purcell sett, it being in his sickness»): words, adaption and arrangements by Hasnawi/Tschirner.
Cover—A Man Seated Reading at a Table in a Lofty Room: follower of Rembrandt.

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CD 1
# Title Rating Length
1 Weeping Night
5 7:11
2 O Solitude
4 6:03
3 The Embrace
4.5 3:57
4 Nocturne
5 4:47
5 Ethereal Journeys
5 14:33
6 The Luciferian Revolution
4 10:58
7 Eden
5 3:49
8 Dancing Under the Closed Eyes of Paradise
5 9:40
9 Les Ténèbres du Dehors
5 4:23


CD 1

Henry Purcell (baroque composer) (track 3)
Henry Purcell (baroque composer) (1684 – 1685) (track 2)
Katherine Philips (17th century poet) (track 2)
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recording of:
O Solitude, Z. 406 (track 2)
The Embrace (track 3)

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