Cassette 1
# Title Artist Rating Length
A1 Rhyme Syndicate Comin’ Through
Ice‐T 2:44
A2 Think You Can Hang?
Low Profile 5:50
A3 Bustin’ Loose
The Spin Masters 4:33
A4 Syndication
Everlast 3:36
A5 You Haven’t Heard Nothing
Domination 4:34
B1 T.D.F. Connection
T.D.F. 3:59
B2 Ghettoish
Bango with Mixmaster Quick 4:40
B3 I Need a Rolex
Toddy Tee 3:44
B4 While You’ve Been Waiting
Nat the Cat 4:32
B5 Name of the Game
Donald D feat. Bronx Style Bob 4:57