Music from the Motion Picture
Published by: Warner Oliver Music LLC (ASCAP)
Technical Score Engineers:
Mark Wherry and Abhay Manusmare
Technical Assistants:
Aaron Martin, Joerg Huettner and Tristan Lillingston
Assistant to James Newton Howard: Annica Ackerman
Assistant to Hans Zimmer: Andrew Zack
Music Editors: Steven Price and Richard Robson
Assistant Music Editor: Simon Changer
Orchestra Leader: Gavyn Wright
Music Recorded by: Geoff Foster
Assistant Engineers: Chris Barret and Ian Wood
Music Mixed by: Al Clay
Score co-ordination:
Becky Bentham for HotHouse Music Ltd
Score Reader: Alastair King
Musicians Contractor: Isobel Griffiths Ltd
Music Preparation: Dakota Music Service
Electric Cellist: Martin Tillman
Percussion: Frank Ricotti and Gary Kettel
Featured Choirboy: Thomas Jesty
Head Quirister Winchester College
Music Recorded and Mixed at: Air Studios, London
Album Compilation: Alan Meyerson
Album Mastered by: Bruce Maddocks at Cups N' Strings
Album Business Affairs: Keith Zajic and Lisa Margolis
Music Administration for Warner Bros.: Debi Streeter
Executive Album Producer: Christopher Nolan
Executives in charge of Music for Warner Bros.: Doug Frank and Gary LeMel.

Each of the tracks are named after different species of bats.

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CD 1
# Title Rating Length
1 Vespertilio
4 2:52
2 Eptesicus
4 4:20
3 Myotis
5 5:46
4 Barbastella
3 4:45
5 Artibeus
3 4:20
6 Tadarida
5 5:06
7 Macrotus
4 7:36
8 Antrozous
5 3:59
9 Nycteris
4 4:26
10 Molossus
5 4:49
11 Corynorhinus
3 5:04
12 Lasiurus
3 7:27


CD 1

assistant editor:
Simon Changer (tracks 1–12)
assistant engineer:
Chris Barrett (engineer) (tracks 1–12)
Ian Wood (engineer) (tracks 1–12)
Gavyn Wright (tracks 1–12)
Gavin Greenaway (tracks 1–12)
Steve Price (recording engineer) (tracks 1–12)
Richard Robson (tracks 1–12)
Abhay Manusmare (tracks 1–12)
Mark Wherry (tracks 1–12)
Al Clay (tracks 1–12)
Brad Dechter (tracks 1–12)
Bruce Fowler (Trombonist, played with Zappa) (tracks 1–12)
James Newton Howard (tracks 1–12)
Hans Zimmer (film score composer) (tracks 1–12)
Lorne Balfe (tracks 1–12)
recorded by:
Geoff Foster (sound engineer) (tracks 1–12)
mixed at:
AIR Studios (located at Oxford Street 1970–1991, Lyndhurst Hall 1991–present) in Hampstead, Camden, London, United Kingdom (tracks 1–12)
recorded at:
AIR Studios (located at Oxford Street 1970–1991, Lyndhurst Hall 1991–present) in Hampstead, Camden, London, United Kingdom (tracks 1–12)


electric cello: Martin Tillman
percussion: Gary Kettel
Frank Ricotti
additional composer: Ramin Djawadi
Mel Wesson
composer: James Newton Howard
Hans Zimmer (film score composer)
mastering: Bruce Maddocks
distributed by: Warner Home Video (American corporation)
manufactured by: Warner Home Video (American corporation)
ASIN: US: B0009IW88A [info]
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