Uptown Funk!

~ Release by Mark Ronson feat. Bruno Mars (see all versions of this release, 1 available)


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Digital Media 1
1Uptown Funk!
Mark Ronson (UK pop & hip hop producer)
additional engineer:
Riccardo Damian (recording engineer), Ken Lewis (recording engineer and mixer), Devin Nakao and Matthew Stevens (Engineer)
Josh Blair, Wayne Gordon, Inaam Haq, Boo Mitchell, Charles Moniz and Mark Ronson (UK pop & hip hop producer)
Jeff Bhasker, Bruno Mars (US singer) and Mark Ronson (UK pop & hip hop producer)
assistant mixer:
John Hanes (audio engineer, mixer)
Serban Ghenea
additional keyboard:
Phred Brown
baritone saxophone:
Ian Hendrickson-Smith
bass guitar:
Jamareo Artis
drums (drum set) and membranophone:
Bruno Mars (US singer)
guitar and membranophone [linn drums]:
Mark Ronson (UK pop & hip hop producer)
keyboard and talkbox:
Jeff Bhasker
tenor saxophone:
Dwayne Dugger and Neal Sugarman
Ray Mason (trombone) and Kameron Whalum
Dave Guy, Jimmy King (American trumpeter) and Michael Leonhart
Bruno Mars (US singer)
phonographic copyright (℗) by:
Mark Ronson (UK pop & hip hop producer) (in 2014)
recorded at:
Cherry Beach Studios in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, Daptone Studios in Bushwick, New York, New York, United States, Dunham Studios in Brooklyn, New York, New York, United States, Enormous Studios in Los Angeles, California, United States, Levcon Studios in Hollywood, Los Angeles, California, United States, Royal Studios in Memphis, Tennessee, United States, The Armory in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada and Zelig Studios in London (Greater London, which includes the City of London), England, United Kingdom
mixed at:
MixStar Studios in Virginia Beach, Virginia, United States
part of:
Grammy Award: Best Pop Duo/Group Performance nominees (number: 2016 winner), Stereogum: The 200 Best Songs of the 2010s (number: 19), Rolling Stone: The 100 Best Songs of the 2010s (number: 66) and The Rolling Stone Magazine’s 500 Greatest Songs of All Time: 2021 edition (number: 417)
recording of:
Uptown Funk
Jeff Bhasker, Bruno Mars (US singer), Charlie Wilson (R&B singer), Devon Gallaspy, Lonnie Simmons (producer, songwriter), Mark Ronson (UK pop & hip hop producer), Nicholas Williams, Philip Lawrence (urban songwriter/producer, of The Smeezingtons), Robert Wilson (US vocalist/bassist, member of Gap Band), Ronnie Wilson (Gap Band member) and Rudolph Taylor
Imagem CV, Mars Force Songs, LLC, Songs of Zelig, Sony/ATV Ballad, Sony/ATV Songs LLC, Tig7 Publishing LLC, Trinlanta Publishing, Way Above Music and ZZR Music, LCC
is based on:
All Gold Everything



phonographic copyright (℗) by:Mark Ronson (UK pop & hip hop producer) (in 2014)
licensed to:Sony Music Entertainment UK Limited (not for release label use! post-2008 subsidiary of Sony Music Entertainment)
purchase for download:https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/id938032038 [info]
stream for free:https://open.spotify.com/album/0tWBtc7le3TMo1gDdGyJVI [info]
https://www.deezer.com/album/9092579 [info]