Cassette 1
# Title Artist Rating Length
A01 Antisocial Partier
Optic 1:49
A02 Thinking of You
Bogdan Raczynski 0:35
A03 [untitled]
Noize Creator 2:56
A04 Go
Squarepusher 4:52
A05 Break 'Em
Society Suckers 0:38
A06 RB 3003
Radio Bomb 1:28
A07 Bad Man Anthem
Rich Kid 3:12
A08 U Know the Score
DJ Scud 4:14
A09 Response Activator
Kovert 1:41
A10 No Name
Steven Sick 2:00
A11 Dilnau
Ovuca 3:49
A12 For Emma
Franjo 0:23
A13 [untitled]
Noize Creator 2:09
B01 Syntarix
Diskore 5:14
B02 All Bright Counterpunch
Base Force One 1:54
B03 Lust
Total Science 1:20
B04 Yeah
Minion 2:53
B05 Discussion
Cdatakill 1:57
B06 Mistakes
Resurrector 3:15
B07 Dejection
Detrimental 3:31
B08 Bass Convulsion
Techno Animal 3:26
B09 Fire Bombing
Alec Empire 2:24
B10 Famished
Hecate 3:19