Black Sabbath (Vertigo on the bottom half of label)

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12" Vinyl 1
# Title Rating Length
A1 Black Sabbath 4.35 6:22
A2 The Wizard 4.45 4:25
A3 Behind the Wall of Sleep 3.35 3:38
A4 N.I.B. 4.75 6:09
B1 Evil Woman, Don't Play Your Games With Me 3.65 3:25
B2 Sleeping Village 3 10:45
B3 Warning 3 3:31


12" Vinyl 1

electric bass guitar:
Geezer Butler (tracks A2–B1)
Geezer Butler (1969-11) (track A1)
drums (drum set):
Bill Ward (tracks A2–B1)
Bill Ward (1969-11) (track A1)
bass guitar:
Geezer Butler (tracks A1, A4)
Ozzy Osbourne (track A2)
electric guitar:
Tony Iommi (tracks A2–B1)
Tony Iommi (1969-11) (track A1)
Bill Ward (track A2)
Bill Ward (1969-11) (track A1)
Geezer Butler (tracks A3, B2)
Tony Iommi (tracks A3, B2)
Ozzy Osbourne (tracks A3, B2)
Bill Ward (tracks A3, B2)
Tony Allom (tracks A1–B1)
Barry Sheffield (tracks A1–B1)
lead vocals:
Ozzy Osbourne (tracks A2–B1)
Ozzy Osbourne (1969-11) (track A1)
Black Sabbath (track A2)
Black Sabbath (1969-11) (track A1)
Roger Bain (tracks A1–B1)
Victor Brox (track B3)
Geezer Butler (tracks A1–A3, A3–A4)
Alex Dmochowski (track B3)
Aynsley Dunbar (track B3)
Tony Iommi (tracks A1–A3, A3–A4)
John Morshead (track B3)
Ozzy Osbourne (tracks A1–A3, A3–A4)
Dave Wagner (track B1)
Bill Ward (tracks A1–A3, A3–A4)
Dick Wiegand (track B1)
Larry Wiegand (track B1)
phonographic copyright by:
Gimcastle Ltd. (tracks A1–B1)
Essex Music, Inc. (tracks A3, A3)
Onward Music Ltd. (track A1)
Westminster Music Ltd. (tracks A1, A3, A3, A3–A4)
recorded at:
Regent Sound Studios in London, England, United Kingdom (1969-10-16) (tracks A1–A2)
compiled in:
N.I.B. by Black Sabbath (track A4)
sampled by:
Black Sabbath by Snares (track A1)
We the People… (explicit) by A Tribe Called Quest (track A3)
cover recording of:
Warning (track B3)
later translated versions:
Magus (track A2)
Parantaja (track A2)
Post murum somnii (tracks A3, A3)
S.Ä.N.K.I. (track A4)
later versions:
medley including a recording of:
Wasp (track A3)
recording of:
N.I.B. (track A4)
Sleeping Village (track B2)
The Wizard (track A2)
Black Sabbath (1969-11) (track A1)