12" Vinyl 1
# Title Rating Length
A1 Knocking at Your Door
3.5 7:05
A2 Under the Gun
3.5 4:35
A3 Nobody’s Home
4.5 4:00
A4 Mean Streak
3 4:21
B1 Perfect Strangers
4.5 5:22
B3 A Gypsy’s Kiss
4 5:12
B3 Wasted Sunsets
4 3:58
B4 Hungry Daze
3 4:57


12" Vinyl 1

Ritchie Blackmore (tracks A1–A4, B3–B4)
Ian Gillan (tracks A1–A4, B3–B4)
Roger Glover (tracks A1–A4, B3–B4)
Jon Lord (track A3)
Ian Paice (track A3)
Ritchie Blackmore (track B1)
Ian Gillan (track B1)
Roger Glover (track B1)
Pussy Music Ltd. (track B1)
recording of:
A Gypsy’s Kiss (track B3)
Hungry Daze (track B4)
Mean Streak (track A4)
Nobody’s Home (track A3)
Perfect Strangers (track B1)
Under the Gun (track A2)
Wasted Sunsets (track B3)