Interestingly, Hisayoshi Ogura is not credited on this release. He is credited on most, if not all later releases of the Darius soundtrack.

Tracks on the B-side are arranged versions.

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12" Vinyl 1
# Title Rating Length
A1 Captain Neo (宇宙洞窟) / Boss Scene 1
5 2:11
A2 Inorganic Beat (都市地帯) / Boss Scene 2
5 2:27
A3 Cosmic Air Way (山岳地帯) / Boss Scene 3
5 2:36
A4 Main Theme-Chaos (バンアレンベルト) / Boss Scene 4
5 4:08
A5 The Sea (海底基地) / Boss Scene 5
5 2:43
A6 Boss Scene 6 / Boss Scene 7 / Boss Clear / Credits / Requiem
5 6:02
B1 Main Theme: Chaos
B2 Cosmic Air Way
B3 Inorganic Beat
B4 Captain Neo
B5 The Sea


12" Vinyl 1

Space Ponch (tracks B3, B5)
小倉久佳 (tracks A1, A1–A2, A2–A3, A3–A4, A4–A5, A5–A6, A6, A6, A6–B5)
guest performer:
Space Ponch (track B3)
Boss7 (Darius Twin) (track A6)
COSMIC AIRWAY (Rainbow Islands) (tracks A3, B2)
「DARIUS」BOSS (Rainbow Islands) (track A2)
「DARIUS」CLEAR (Rainbow Islands) (track A6)
「DARIUS」REGISTER YOUR NAME (Rainbow Islands) (track A6)
is the basis for:
Captain NEO -Confusion Mix- (Arkanoid DS) (tracks A1, A4, A6–B1, B4)
I Can Not Ape (Space Invaders Infinity Gene) (tracks A1, B4)
part of:
Darius (video game soundtrack) (tracks A1, A1–A2, A2–A3, A3–A4, A4–A5, A5–A6, A6, A6, A6–B5)
recording of:
Boss Clear (Darius) (track A6)
Boss Scene 1 (Darius) (track A1)
Boss Scene 2 (Darius) (track A2)
Boss Scene 3 (Darius) (track A3)
Boss Scene 4 (Darius) (track A4)
Boss Scene 5 (Darius) (track A5)
Boss Scene 6 (Darius) (track A6)
Boss Scene 7 (Darius) (track A6)
Captain Neo (Darius) (tracks A1, B4)
Chaos (Darius, Main Theme) (tracks A4, B1)
Cosmic Air Way (Darius) (tracks A3, B2)
Inorganic Beat (Darius) (tracks A2, B3)
Requiem (Darius) (track A6)
The Sea (Darius) (tracks A5, B5)


engineer: 寺田康彦
producer: 小尾一介 (producer)
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