Taped by woj
Source: Aiwa CM-S20 > MZ-R50 (mic in, SP stereo)
Transfer: MDS-JE530 (optical) > Delta Dio 2496 > CD Wave (recording) > Cool Edit 2000 (edit) > CD Wave > flac 1.1.1 (level 8)

Taper's Notes

In 1998, we hosted our first house concert -- a little-known Canadian artist named Veda Hille. We happened to have a big enough living room and Veda happened to have a free Saturday night. Although it was a great evening, we didn't start doing house concerts regularly until the Spring of 2000 when we got going with a bang: Sarah Harmer, Leslie Feist and Sarah Slean. Unfortunately, I did not record Harmer's set but I did get Feist's and Slean's.

This isn't a perfect recording. There are a couple glitches right at the start of the recording. I don't recall what was going on there -- perhaps trying to get the recorder working. There is also a brief pause after the second track when I must have paused to reduce the levels (there is some clipping on the second track).

Also, the mic cable was acting up so only the right channel was recorded. Cool Edit 2000 was used to copy the right channel onto the silent left channel. So, this is a mono recording.

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Medium 1
# Title Rating Length
1 [unknown]
2 The Mast
3 [instrumental]
4 [unknown]
5 That's What I Say, It's Not What I Mean
6 Onliest
7 Leisure Suite
8 New Torch