1. "Fete Polonaise," from the Opera "Le Roi Malgre lui" (Chabrier) - Orchestra of Radio Luxembourg, Pierre Cao, conductor/7:53

2. Menuetto: Allegro giocoso, from "L'Arlesienne Suite No. 2 (Bizet) - London Festival Orchestra, Alfred Scholz, conductor/2:40

3. "Sicilienne" from "Pelleas et Melisande," Op. 80 (Faure) - Orchestra of Radio Luxembourg, Louis de Froment, Conductor/3:44

4. "Adagio Assai" from "Piano Concerto in G Major (Ravel) - Orchestra of Radio of Luxembourg, Abbey Simon, piano and Louis de Froment, Conductor/8:48

5. "Pavane pour une infante defunte" (Ravel) - Ljubljana Symphony Orchestra, Marko Munih, Conductor/6:17

6. "Scaramouhe Suite for 2 Pianos, Op. 165b" (Milhaud) - Walter Klien and Beatriz Klien, Pianists/5:18

7. "Trois pieces breves" (Ibert) - The Dorian Quintet/6:31

8. "Three Gymnopedies" (Satie) - Frank Glazer, Piano/7:46

9. "La plus que lente" (Debussy) - Katerina Zlatnikova, Cimbalom; Orchestra of Radio Luxembourg, Louis de Froment, Conductor/4:30

10. "Impromptu caprice in A-flat Major or Solo Harp" (Pierne) - Catherine Michel, Harp/5:37

11. "Allegro marcato for Mandolin and Guitar Ensemble with Harp" (Besard) - Vienna Mandolin and Guitar Ensemble, Vincent Hladsky, Conductor/4:52

12. "The Swan" from "Carnival of the Animals" (Saint-Saens) - Marylene Doss and Annie Petit, Pianos; Wurttemberg Chamber Orchestra, Heilbronn: Jorg Faerber, Conductor/3:04

13. "Wedding Cake, Caprice valse for Piano and Orchestra, Op. 76" (Saint-Saens) - Gabriel Tacchino, Piano; Orchestra of Radio Luxembourg, Louis de Froment, Conductor/7:00

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Medium 1
# Title Artist Rating Length
1 Fete Polonaise
Emmanuel Chabrier 8:00
2 Menuetto: Allegro giocoso
Georges Bizet 2:47
3 Sicilienne
Gabriel Fauré 3:50
4 Adagio Assai
Maurice Ravel 8:53
5 Pavane
Maurice Ravel 6:23
6 Scaramouhe
Darius Milhaud 5:24
7 Trois pieces breves
Jacques Ibert 6:37
8 Three Gymnopedies
Erik Satie 7:51
9 La plus que lente
Claude Debussy 4:36
10 Impromptu caprice
Gabriel Pierné 5:43
11 Allegro marcato
Jean-Baptiste Besard 4:59
12 The Swan
Camille Saint‐Saëns 3:10
13 Wedding Cake
Camille Saint‐Saëns 7:01


Medium 1

Frank Glazer (track 8)
Beatriz Klien (track 6)
Walter Klien (track 6)
Abbey Simon (pianist) (track 4)
Gabriel Tacchino (track 13)
Catherine Michel (track 10)
Ernest Guiraud (track 2)
Emmanuel Chabrier (track 1)
Gabriel Fauré (French composer) (track 3)
Darius Milhaud (track 6)
Erik Satie (French composer) (track 8)
Georges Bizet (French romantic composer) (1872) (track 2)
Camille Saint‐Saëns (1885) (track 13)
Maurice Ravel (classical composer) (1899) (track 5)
Claude Debussy (1910) (track 9)
Maurice Ravel (classical composer) (1929 – 1931) (track 4)
Pierre Cao (track 1)
Louis de Froment (conductor) (tracks 3–4, 9, 13)
Marko Munih (track 5)
Alfred Scholz (track 2)
London Festival Orchestra (Alfred Scholz pseudonym) (track 2)
Orchestra Of Radio Luxemburg (tracks 1, 3–4, 9, 13)
Ljubljana Symphony Orchestra (RTV Slovenia Symphony Orchestra) (track 5)
Claude Debussy (1910) (track 9)
Maurice Ravel (classical composer) (1910) (track 5)
Ed. Max Eschig (track 5)
part of:
Works of Darius Milhaud by opus number (number: op. 165b) (track 6)
Works of Camille Saint-Saëns by opus number (number: op. 76) (track 13)
arrangement of:
La plus que lente, L. 121, CD 128 (pour piano solo) (track 9)
Adagio assai from Piano Concerto in G major (for voices and piano, Williams) (track 4)
L'Arlésienne Suite no. 2: III. Menuet (catch-all for arrangements) (track 2)
Pelléas et Mélisande, op. 80: III. Sicilienne (arr. Louis Robilliard for organ) (track 3)
is the basis for:
Kim (track 8)
Never Say Goodbye (track 5)
later versions:
L'Arlésienne Suite no. 2: III. Menuet (for piano, Bizet) (track 2)
orchestration of:
Pavane pour une infante défunte (for solo piano) (track 5)
part of:
Le roi malgré lui (1887 version) (track 1)
Piano Concerto in G major (movement) (track 4)
L'Arlésienne Suite no. 2 (for orchestra) (track 2)
Scaramouche, op. 165b: I. Vif (for two pianos) (track 6)
Scaramouche, op. 165b: II. Modéré (for two pianos) (track 6)
recording of:
Gymnopédies (track 8)
L'Arlésienne Suite no. 2: III. Menuet (for orchestra) (track 2)
La plus que lente, L. 121 (pour orchestre) (track 9)
Pavane pour une infante défunte (orchestrated version) (track 5)
Scaramouche, op. 165b (for two pianos) (track 6)