CD 1
# Title Artist Rating Length
1 Release to the System (Beaumont Hannant remix)
Mark Franklin 8:37
2 Selinite
The Higher Intelligence Agency 7:02
3 Arcadian (remix)
Link 9:32
4 Scriptures
B12 6:59
5 Chatter
Autechre 7:36
6 Symmetry
Speedy J 6:09
7 Utuba
Beaumont Hannant 8:12
8 Reality Net
Richard H. Kirk 6:48
9 Parasight
Balil 7:34
10 Spangle
Seefeel 7:20


CD 1

Beaumont Hannant (track 1)
Bobby Bird (Founder of the Headphone label and best known as The Higher Intelligence Agency) (track 2)
Sean Booth (track 5)
Rob Brown (UK electronic producer Autechre/Gescom) (track 5)
Mark Clifford (UK musician aka Disjecta, member of Seefeel) (track 10)
Justin Fletcher (UK drummer for Scala & Seefeel) (track 10)
Mark Franklin (UK IDM producer) (track 1)
Michael Golding (track 4)
Beaumont Hannant (track 7)
Richard H. Kirk (English electronic musician, former member of Cabaret Voltaire) (track 8)
Tom Middleton (track 3)
Jochem Paap (track 6)
Sarah Peacock (track 10)
Mark Pritchard (track 3)
Steve Rutter (track 4)
Daren Seymour (track 10)
Dave Wheels (track 2)
Chrysalis Music Ltd. (music publisher) (track 10)
Copyright Control (not for release label use! this is only for copyrights and publishing relationships) (tracks 1–2)
Dark Music Ltd. (track 9)
EMI Music Publishing (do not use as a release label!) (tracks 4–5)
Evolution Music Ltd. (publisher) (track 3)
Island Music (Island Music Ltd.) (track 8)
Plus 8 Music (track 6)
Warp Music Ltd. (Warp Publishing) (tracks 4–5)
recording of:
Arcadian (remix) (track 3)
Chatter (track 5)
Parasight (track 9)
Reality Net (track 8)
Scriptures (track 4)
Selinite (track 2)
Spangle (track 10)
Symmetry (track 6)
Utuba (track 7)


design/illustration: The Designers Republic
Phil Wolstenholme
liner notes: David Toop
copyrighted by: Warp (1994)
phonographic copyright by: Warp (1994)
ASIN: US: B000003RG5 [info]
Discogs: [info]

Release Group

part of: Artificial Intelligence (Various) (Warp records series for just the series of AI compilations) (number: 2)
Artificial Intelligence (Warp records series 92-94) (number: 8)
Discogs: [info]
Wikidata: Q4801039 [info]
Wikipedia: en: Artificial Intelligence II [info]