CD 1: Pete Tong
# Title Artist Rating Length
1 Missing (Todd Terry Lite mix)
Everything but the Girl 3:54
2 Feel Like Singing (Jazz-N-Groove dub)
Tak Tix 4:09
3 Sky High (Stone and Nick’s club mix)
Individual 4:05
4 Your Love (Serial Diva Paris Is Burning dub)
Inner City 6:25
5 Passion (original mix)
Gat Decor 5:11
6 Renegade Master (Young and Sangerous mix)
Wildchild 6:11
7 Rock the Discotek (Playboys Fully Loaded dub)
Ramp 8:02
8 Happiness (club mix)
Pizzaman 5:31
9 Make You Whole (Lisa Marie Experience mix)
Andronicus 4:46
10 Loving You More (Alcatraz Don’t Drop the Soap mix)
BT feat. Vincent Covello 9:13
11 Strings (Ain’t What They Used to Be)
Astro Farm 7:32
12 Imitation of Life (Brothers in Rhythm mix)
Billie Ray Martin 7:58
CD 2: Boy George
# Title Artist Rating Length
1 Keep Hope Alive (There Is Hope mix)
Crystal Method 3:56
2 And I’m Telling You (I’m Not Going) (Stonebridge mix)
Donna Giles 5:13
3 Just Can’t Get Enough (The Goodfellas mix)
Transformer 2 4:16
4 Techno Cat (The Perplexer mix)
Tom Wilson 4:38
5 I Believe (Red Jerry 12-Inch mix)
Happy Clappers 5:25
6 Reach (Dancin’ Divas mix)
Judy Cheeks 5:48
7 My House Is Your House (Shimon and Woolfson mix)
The Montini Experience II 6:03
8 To the Beat of the Drum (La Luna) (Lunch Box remix)
The Ethics 5:06
9 Dreams (Tony de Vit mix)
Quench 4:07
10 Girls and Boys (Dancin’ Divas mix)
Hed Boys 5:00
11 Everything Starts With an ’E’ (Kinky Roland mix)
E-Zee Possee 7:00
12 4 da Floor (Shaka dub)
Amos 5:45
13 Get Into the Music (Hybrid mix)
DJ’s Rule 5:18
14 Naughty North Sexy South (Naughty but Nice mix)
E-Motion 4:35


CD 1: Pete Tong

Ben Watt (track 1)
Tracey Thorn (track 1)
Tracey Thorn (track 1)
Jonathan Blanks (track 9)
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Make You Whole (track 9)
Missing (track 1)