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written by trent reznor
performed by trent reznor with josh freese, robin finck and alessandro cortini
produced by trent reznor, atticus ross and alan moulder
mixed by alan moulder
programmed by atticus ross
engineered by michael tuller, atticus ross and alan moulder
mastered by brian gardner at bernie grundman mastering, hollywood, california
room tuning: steve “coco” brandon
art direction: rob sheridan and trent reznor
cover styling: amy hall
hair: cori bardo
project coordination: brett bachemin
assistance: alynn dotson
management: rebel waltz
business management: william harper and michael walsh for gelfand, rennert & feldman
legal: gary stiffelman and david byrnes
world wide booking: marc geiger for william morris agency
press us: steve martin (nasty little man)
press uk: frances mccahon (rmp)

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CD 1
# Title Rating Length
1 999,999
2.75 1:26
2 1,000,000
3.55 3:56
3 Letting You
3.4 3:50
4 Discipline
4.15 4:19
5 Echoplex
4 4:45
6 Head Down
4 4:56
7 Lights in the Sky
2.8 3:30
8 Corona Radiata
3.5 7:34
9 The Four of Us Are Dying
3.6 4:38
10 Demon Seed
3.5 4:59
# Title Rating Length
1 1,000,000
2 Letting You
3 Discipline
4 Echoplex
5 Head Down


CD 1

Trent Reznor (tracks 1–10)
Trent Reznor (tracks 4–5, 10)
Trent Reznor (tracks 1–5, 7, 10)
has remixes:
Disciplined by Halo33 (track 4)
recording of:
1,000,000 (track 2)
999,999 (track 1)
Corona Radiata (track 8)
Demon Seed (track 10)
Discipline (track 4)
Echoplex (track 5)
Head Down (track 6)
Letting You (track 3)
Lights in the Sky (track 7)


Trent Reznor (tracks 1–5)
Trent Reznor (tracks 3–4)
recording of:
1,000,000 (track 1)
Discipline (track 3)
Echoplex (track 4)
Head Down (track 5)
Letting You (track 2)


graphic design:Amy Hall
legal representation:David Byrnes (legal representation)
Gary Stiffelman
mastering:Brian Gardner (mastering engineer “Big Bass Brian”)
performer:Alessandro Cortini
Robin Finck
Josh Freese (American drummer)
Trent Reznor
producer:Alan Moulder (producer and engineer)
Trent Reznor
Atticus Ross (musician, producer, engineer and film composer)
booking:Marc Geiger
engineer:Alan Moulder (producer and engineer)
Atticus Ross (musician, producer, engineer and film composer)
Michael Tuller
lyricist:Trent Reznor
miscellaneous support:Steve "Coco" Brandon
mixer:Alan Moulder (producer and engineer)
art direction:Trent Reznor
Rob Sheridan (graphic designer)
programming:Atticus Ross (musician, producer, engineer and film composer)
business association with:Form and Texture
ASIN:US: B001B71NOI [info]
Discogs: [info]