12" Vinyl 1
# Title Rating Length
A1 Heroes and Villains 3.35 3:37
A2 Vegetables 4 2:07
A3 Fall Breaks and Back to Winter (W. Woodpecker Symphony) 3 2:15
A4 She’s Goin’ Bald 3 2:13
A5 Little Pad 2 2:30
B1 Good Vibrations 4.4 3:36
B2 With Me Tonight 4 2:17
B3 Wind Chimes 4 2:36
B4 Gettin’ Hungry 3 2:27
B5 Wonderful 3 2:21
B6 Whistle In 3 1:04


12" Vinyl 1

Mike Love (Beach Boys) (tracks A4, B4)
Van Dyke Parks (tracks A2, A4, B3, B5)
Brian Wilson (Beach Boys co-founder) (tracks A1–B6)
Chuck Britz (tracks A2–A3, B1, B3)
Jim Lockert (Enginear) (tracks A1–B5)
guest performer:
Paul McCartney (The Beatles) (track A2)
lead vocals:
Mike Love (Beach Boys) (tracks A4, B1, B4)
Brian Wilson (Beach Boys co-founder) (tracks A1, A5, B4)
Al Jardine (track A2)
Carl Wilson (Beach Boys) (tracks A5, B2, B5–B6)
Carl Wilson (Beach Boys) (1966-02 – 1966-06) (track B1)
Mike Love (Beach Boys) (track B1)
Van Dyke Parks (track A1)
Brian Wilson (Beach Boys co-founder) (tracks B1–B2)
Mark Linett (tracks A1–A5, B2–B5)
Derry FitzGerald (track B1)
The Beach Boys (American rock band) (tracks A1–B5)
Mark Linett (tracks A1–A5, B2–B5)
Brian Wilson (Beach Boys co-founder) (tracks A1, B1)
recording engineer:
Chuck Britz (track B1)
Bruce Botnick (track B1)
Larry Levine (track B1)
Mike Love (Beach Boys) (1966-02 – 1966-06) (track B1)
Irving Music, Inc. (track B1)
Sea of Tunes Publishing Co. (work publisher, NOT the bootleg label) (track B1)
Universal Music Publishing (Use ONLY if no country-specific information is available) (track B1)
recorded at:
Western Recorders (@ 6000 Sunset Blvd., part of United Western Recorders studio complex 1957–1985) in Los Angeles, California, United States (1966-02 – 1966-06) (track B1)
has remixes:
recording of:
Gettin' Hungry (track B4)
Heroes and Villains (track A1)
Little Pad (track A5)
She's Goin' Bald (track A4)
Vegetables (track A2)
Whistle In (track B6)
Wind Chimes (track B3)
With Me Tonight (track B2)
Wonderful (track B5)
Good Vibrations (Love/Wilson lyrics, common version) (1966-02 – 1966-06) (track B1)
referred to in medleys:
Beach Boys Medley (track B1)
Swastikas on Parade (track A1)
version of:
Good Vibrations (Tony Asher lyrics) (track B1)


manufactured in:United Kingdom
printed in:United Kingdom
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