As featured in the London Weekend Television Russ Abbot’s Madhouse series.

All lyrics reproduced within gatefold.

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12" Vinyl 1
# Title Artist Rating Length
A1 Livin’ It Up (Theme From T.V. Series)
Russ Abbot ?:??
A2 Mi Amore
Julio Doubleglazius ?:??
A3 Mother in Law
Vince Prince ?:??
A4 Ballad of Stampin’ Stan (Big Bad John)
Vince Prince ?:??
A5 The Other Three
The Four Bottoms ?:??
A6 Reason for Leaving
Val Hooligan ?:??
A7 Honey, I’m Just After Your Cash
The Constipated Seven feat. Whispering Hubert ?:??
A8 Burnley Is Babylon
King Wilf and the Rastaplasts ?:??
A9 Oh My Memories
Vince Prince & The Tone Deafs ?:??
B1 Ghost Joggers in the Sky
Joggers Inc. ?:??
B2 Smelly Feet
1st Madhouse Scouts and Guides ?:??
B3 A Real Man
Ready Cash ?:??
B4 Someday You’ll Wish You Had Stayed With Me
Vince Prince & The Tone Deafs ?:??
B5 That’s What My Father Said
Daftness ?:??
B6 Upper Norwood Girls
The Bleach Boys ?:??
B7 Doreen
Vince Prince ?:??
B8 Only One Man
Julio Doubleglazius ?:??
B9 Cliff
The Madhouse Choir ?:??