12" Vinyl 1
# Title Rating Length
A1 Speed Trials
4 3:01
A2 Alameda
4.65 3:43
A3 Ballad of Big Nothing
4.65 2:48
A4 Between the Bars
4.6 2:21
A5 Pictures of Me
4.5 3:47
A6 No Name No. 5
4 3:43
B1 Rose Parade
3.65 3:28
B2 Punch and Judy
4 2:26
B3 Angeles
4.5 2:57
B4 Cupid's Trick
4.5 3:05
B5 2:45 AM
4 3:19
B6 Say Yes
5 2:19


12" Vinyl 1

Elliott Smith (US singer-songwriter) (tracks A1–B6)
Elliott Smith (US singer-songwriter) (tracks A5, B3)
Elliott Smith (US singer-songwriter) (tracks A2, A6–B1, B5)
Joanna Bolme (track A2)
Tom Rothrock (tracks A1, A3–A5, B2–B4, B6)
Rob Schnapf (tracks A1, A3–A5, B2–B4, B6)
Elliott Smith (US singer-songwriter) (tracks A4, B3)
recording of:
2:45 AM (track B5)
Alameda (track A2)
Angeles (track B3)
Between the Bars (track A4)
Cupid’s Trick (track B4)
No Name No. 5 (track A6)
Pictures of Me (track A5)
Punch and Judy (track B2)
Rose Parade (track B1)
Say Yes (track B6)
Speed Trials (track A1)