This is the re-release with the alternate version of Downtown

Note, this is not the same as the other version of Girl Talk listed in MB. Although the release date is still 1990 on the cover, this was released no earlier than 1992. Amazon and other retailers list 1994 as the release year, and that is probably the best estimate of the actual release date that exists. This version contains a re-recorded version of Downtown. This version of Downtown was recorded in 1992 to be included on that Japanese release of Girl Talk, and would be the first single there. The other version of Girl Talk includes the orignial version of Downtown recorded in 1990. Both versions share the same catalog number. They can be differentiated in two ways, 1) the track length of track 10, Downtown, and 2) the production credit that on this release reads "Produced by Peter Moore Except Downtown Produced by Holly Cole Trio".

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CD 1
# Title Artist Rating Length
1 My Foolish Heart
Holly Cole 4:37
2 Girl Talk
Holly Cole 4:33
3 Talk to Me Baby
Holly Cole 4:33
4 Cruisin'
Holly Cole 4:39
5 Spring Can Really Hang You Up the Most
Holly Cole 4:45
6 My Baby Just Cares for Me
Holly Cole 4:20
7 How Long Has This Been Going On
Holly Cole 6:00
8 I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry
Holly Cole 4:25
9 Melancoly Baby
Holly Cole 5:02
10 Downtown
Holly Cole 3:55


CD 1

John MacLeod (trumpeter) (track 8)
double bass:
David Piltch (tracks 1–10)
John Johnson (Canadian jazz saxophonist) (track 4)
Aaron Davis (tracks 1–10)
Walter Donaldson (track 6)
Neal Hefti (track 2)
Tommy Wolf (US pianist/composer) (track 5)
Victor Young (track 1)
Tony Hatch (track 10)
Hank Williams (country music legend) (track 8)
Ernie Burnett (1911) (track 9)
George Gershwin (composer) (1928) (track 7)
lead vocals:
Holly Cole (tracks 1–10)
Tony Hatch (track 10)
Gus Kahn (track 6)
Fran Landesman (track 5)
Bobby Troup (track 2)
Ned Washington (track 1)
Hank Williams (country music legend) (track 8)
George A. Norton (1912) (track 9)
Ira Gershwin (1928) (track 7)
Johnny Mercer (track 3)
Smokey Robinson (track 4)
Marvin Tarplin (track 4)
ATV Music Ltd. (track 10)
Francis, Day & Hunter Ltd. (tracks 1, 6, 9)
Gus Kahn Music Co. (track 6)
Sony/ATV Music Publishing (tracks 8, 10)
Sony/ATV Songs LLC (track 8)
Tobago Music Co. (track 6)
Welbeck Music Ltd. (track 10)
New World Music Co. (1927) (track 7)
music videos:
Girl Talk by Holly Cole (track 2)
part of:
East Coast Music Association Song of the Year Nominees (number: 1991 (Holly Cole)) (track 2)
cover recording of:
Cruisin' (track 4)
Downtown (Petula Clark song) (track 10)
Girl Talk (track 2)
How Long Has This Been Going On? (Funny Face, 1957 film cast) (track 7)
My Melancholy Baby (track 9)
Talk to Me Baby (track 3)
is the basis for:
Basal Metabolism (Funny Face, 1957 film cast) (track 7)
Darntarn (track 10)
Vü föd ned (track 8)
later parody versions:
Crazy Downtown (Allan Sherman parody) (track 10)
Håkan (track 10)
later translated versions:
Downtown (German lyrics) (track 10)
Mon faible cœur (track 1)
Pátá (track 10)
later versions:
Dansez sur moi (track 2)
Kauan (track 10)
part of:
Rosalie (track 7)
recording of:
My Foolish Heart (track 1)
version of:
Melancholy (original 1911 version of "My Melancholy Baby", lyrics by Maybelle E. Watson) (track 9)


ASIN:CA: B0000549IH [info]