Sub-Optimal Credits

Gunnar Nelson appears courtesy of DGC Records
Matthew Nelson appears courtesy of DGC Records
Bill Payne appears courtesy of Morgan Creek Records

Management: Allen Kovac, Jeff Sydney and Tommy Manzi, Left Bank Management
Business Management: Bernie Gilhuly, Hecht and Company, P.G., Inc., Los Angeles and New York
North American Booking: Jonathan Levine, The William Morris Agency
A&R: Bruce Dickinson and Paul Atkinson
Flood Control: Terry and Gail Coen
International Booking: John Giddings, Solo Agency, London
Silver Screen Advisors: Bill Butler and Joel Roman
Homecoming Queen: Pearl Aday
Best Actress, Home Drama Series: Amanda Aday
Travel Agents: Happy Holidays Travel (Norwalk, CT) and Real Time Travel (LA)
The Best: Harley Medcalf and Maria
Attorney: Gary Stiffelman, Esq., Ziffren, Brittenman and Branca
Throat Guy: Dr. Ed Lane
Godfather: Earl Shuman
Other Kid: Jodi Rosnick
Timekeeper: Mashawn Nix
Baseball Manager: Dan Hecht

Cover Art and all other illustrations by Michael Whelan
Portrait of Meat Loaf by Michael Halsband
Art Coordination: Joe Pearson
Line Artwork: Hills Archer Ink

Co-Arranged by Meat Loaf and the musicians (Steve Buslowe, Mark Alexander, Pat Thrall, Chuck Burgi, Amy Goff, Elaine Goff, Dave Gellis, John Miceli, Paul Jacobs, Dominic Chichetti and Patricia Rousseau)
Additional Engineering (LA): Steve Holroyd
Assistant Engineering (LA): Dan Gellert
Second Assistant Engineers: Chris Albert, Matthew "Boomer" LaMonica, Steve Boyer, Mark Guilbeault, Bill Gardner, Brandon Harris, Victor Deyglio, Roy Romano
Recorded at Ocean Way Recording (LA) and The Power Station (NY)
Mixed at Record One (LA) and The Power Station (NY)
Mastered at Sterling Sound (NY)
Project Coordinators: Carol Peters and Don Ketteler

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CD 1
# Title Rating Length
1 I’d Do Anything for Love (but I Won’t Do That)
4.25 12:01
2 Life Is a Lemon and I Want My Money Back
3 8:00
3 Rock and Roll Dreams Come Through
5 5:51
4 It Just Won’t Quit
3 7:21
5 Out of the Frying Pan (and Into the Fire)
4 7:24
6 Objects in the Rear View Mirror May Appear Closer Than They Are
5 10:16
7 Wasted Youth
4.5 2:41
8 Everything Louder Than Everything Else
3 7:59
9 Good Girls Go to Heaven (Bad Girls Go Everywhere)
3 6:53
10 Back Into Hell
4 2:46
11 Lost Boys and Golden Girls
3 4:29


CD 1

drums (drum set):
Kenny Aronoff (tracks 1–5)
Jimmy Bralower (track 9)
Rick Marotta (tracks 6, 8)
bagpipe and drums (drum set):
Brian Meagher (track 8)
Brian Meagher, Jr. (track 8)
Justin Meagher (track 8)
Jeff Bova (tracks 1, 3–6, 9, 11)
organ and synthesizer:
Jeff Bova (track 8)
Eddie Martinez (guitar) (tracks 1–2, 6, 8–9)
Tim Pierce (tracks 1–5)
Pat Thrall (guitarist, producer & engineer) (track 5)
Steve Buslowe (tracks 1–6, 8)
Roy Bittan (track 2)
keyboard and piano:
Roy Bittan (tracks 3–5)
Lenny Pickett (tracks 3, 9)
Roy Bittan (tracks 1, 9)
Bill Payne (tracks 6, 8, 11)
additional arranger:
Meat Loaf (tracks 1–11)
additional assistant engineer:
Chris Albert (US engineer) (tracks 1–11)
Steve Boyer (tracks 1–11)
Victor Deyglio (tracks 1–7, 9–11)
Bill Gardner (US engineer) (tracks 1–11)
Mark Guilbeault (tracks 1–11)
Brandon Harris (US engineer) (tracks 1–7, 9–11)
Matthew "Boomer" LaMonica (tracks 1–11)
Rory Romano (tracks 1–7)
additional background vocals:
Robert Coron (track 2)
Lorraine Crosby (track 8)
Brett Cullen (track 2)
Cynthia Geary (track 2)
Amy Goff (track 9)
Elaine Goff (track 9)
Curtis King (singer-songwriter) (track 9)
Michelle Little (track 2)
Meat Loaf (track 2)
Jim Steinman (track 2)
additional engineer:
Steve Holroyd (tracks 1–11)
additional vocals:
Rory Dodd (track 6)
Ellen Foley (track 6)
Jim Steinman (tracks 1–11)
assistant engineer:
Dan Gellert (sound engineer) (tracks 1–11)
associate producer:
Roy Bittan (tracks 1–11)
Steve Rinkoff (tracks 1–11)
background vocals:
Lorraine Crosby (track 6)
Rory Dodd (tracks 1–5, 9, 11)
Stuart Emerson (tracks 2, 6)
Amy Goff (track 2)
Elaine Goff (track 2)
Max Haskett (tracks 6, 8)
Gunnar Nelson (track 2)
Matthew Nelson (from the Nelson twins) (track 2)
Kasim Sulton (tracks 1–6, 8–9, 11)
Eric Troyer (track 11)
Todd Rundgren (tracks 1–6, 8–9)
background vocals and lead vocals:
Meat Loaf (track 4)
background vocals arranger:
Todd Rundgren (tracks 1–11)
Jim Steinman (tracks 1–11)
lead vocals:
Lorraine Crosby (track 1)
Meat Loaf (tracks 1–3, 5–6, 8–9, 11)
Jim Steinman (tracks 1–9, 11)
Steve Rinkoff (tracks 7, 10)
David Thoener (tracks 1–6, 8–9, 11)
Jeff Bova (track 10)
Jim Steinman (tracks 1–11)
Jeff Bova (tracks 1, 3–11)
recording engineer:
Steve Rinkoff (tracks 1–11)
solo guitar:
Pat Thrall (guitarist, producer & engineer) (track 4)
Jim Steinman (track 7)
phonographic copyright by:
MCA Records, Inc. (do not use as a release label! a division of UMG Recordings, Inc.) (1993) (tracks 1–11)
MCA Music Publishing (renamed since c. 1996 as Universal Music Publishing Group) (tracks 3, 5, 7, 11)
Lost Boys Music (1993 –) (track 3)
MCA Music (not for release label use! this is a music publisher, ASCAP-affiliated) (1993 – ????) (track 3)
Edward B. Marks Music Co. (founded originally as J. Stern & Co. in 1894, renamed in 1919) (1993) (tracks 1–2, 6, 8, 10)
Lost Boys Music (1993) (tracks 4–5, 7, 9, 11)
MCA Music (not for release label use! this is a music publisher, ASCAP-affiliated) (1993) (tracks 5, 7, 11)
cover recording of:
later translated versions:
Rock’n Roll Dreams come through (Japanese version) (track 3)
recording of:
Back into Hell (track 10)
Wasted Youth (track 7)


additional design/illustration: Hills Archer Ink.
booking: John Giddings
Jonathan Levine (Booking agent)
design/illustration: Michael Whelan (Illustrator)
legal representation: Gary Stiffelman
photography: Michael Halsband
ASIN: US: B000002OMN [info]
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