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12" Vinyl 1
# Title Rating Length
A1 Devo Corporate Anthem
4 1:16
A2 Clockout
5 2:48
A3 Timing X
4 1:14
A4 Wiggly World
4 2:45
A5 Blockhead
4 3:01
A6 Strange Pursuit
5 2:45
A7 S.I.B. (Swelling Itching Brain)
5 4:28
B1 Triumph of the Will
4 2:19
B2 The Day My Baby Gave Me a Surprize
4 2:43
B3 Pink Pussycat
3 3:13
B4 Secret Agent Man
5 3:38
B5 Smart Patrol / Mr. DNA
5 6:06
B6 Red Eye
3 2:50


12" Vinyl 1

Steve Barri (track B4)
Gerald Casale (tracks A2, A4, A6, B1, B5, B5–B6)
Bob Mothersbaugh (tracks A5, B3)
Mark Mothersbaugh (tracks A1, A3–B3, B5–B6)
P.F. Sloan (track B4)
Ken Scott (UK record producer & engineer) (tracks A1–B6)
Gerald Casale (tracks A2, B5, B5)
Mark Mothersbaugh (track B5)
Ken Scott (UK record producer & engineer) (tracks A1–B6)
Steve Barri (track B4)
P.F. Sloan (track B4)
cover recording of:
Secret Agent Man (track B4)
later parody versions:
Revelation Man (track B4)
Secret Asian Man (track B4)
recording of:
Blockhead (track A5)
Clockout (track A2)
Mr. DNA (track B5)
Pink Pussycat (track B3)
Red Eye (track B6)
S.I.B. (Swelling Itching Brain) (track A7)
Smart Patrol (track B5)
Strange Pursuits (Strange Pursuits/Strange Pursuit) (track A6)
Timing X (track A3)
Triumph of the Will (track B1)
Wiggly World (track A4)