12" Vinyl 1
# Title Rating Length
A1 I Don't Want to Set the World on Fire 2:36
A2 You Know I Miss You 2:29
A3 Fats on Fire 2:07
A4 The Land of Make-Believe 2:30
A5 Old Man Trouble 1:51
A6 Love Me 2:52
B1 Mary, Oh Mary 2:16
B2 Gotta Get a Job 2:03
B3 The Fat Man 2:30
B4 Valley of Tears 2:14
B5 Fats Shuffle 2:22
B6 I'm a Fool to Care 2:24


12" Vinyl 1

Dave Bartholomew (track B4)
Dave Bartholomew (track B4)
remix of:
Fats Shuffle by Fats Domino (track B5)
Fats on Fire by Fats Domino (track A3)
Love Me (ABC, stereo) by Fats Domino (track A6)
Mary, Oh Mary (stereo) by Fats Domino (track B1)
The Fat Man (ABC, stereo) by Fats Domino (track B3)
Valley of Tears (ABC, stereo) by Fats Domino (track B4)
You Know I Miss You (ABC, stereo) by Fats Domino (track A2)
recording of:
Valley of Tears (1964-01-13) (track B4)